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Probability Advanced Problems Set-1
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This lesson takes up some difficult problems on Probability

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Vineet Loomba
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  1. 0- Lonsicer S independent Bernoulli' s tria La sP the each uith probability osuccess probabilL O at Least than o eqal 3L , in te rvaL aiLure is reater thern Lies in the 3 2 CA IEEE 201i ere n=5 5 Lven 3 2 5 3 2 32 ns: EIO l.t A , and c be pairwise independent evenl with r(L) >0 and P(An B nC): O Then, P (Acns/ O- 1S

  2. air wise irndependent lo) Qfour numbers are chosn at rando lacementr r canorm without Tom the et 2 , 3 Stti: 3he probabi L that the chosen c'te rmen nos whe or der wail form onearrcun tn Some an A P L S 85 Statemen 2: gf the four ho sen numbers an AP , then set of alL possible VaLues Lorm Ymon ence LS AEEE 201 n (s): 20 Cemmon difference is l; Total no ofcases- mmon Total no of ca ses Comnmon otal no caseS Cormmon otal no. o ca ses

  3. mmon diff, is LS Total no . . ca se s S Common di Total no. cases 2 probability 174 1H + 11 t 2 ts-2- ernce 8 5 ae s Statement i is true A 3tatement I One ticket is sele cted at andom rom 5 o Lickets numbered oo, oI,0, the probability that the bum of the diqits on the seLe cted ticket is 2 r oduct 9. Jhen , wen that the these diits is zero A1EE 200 t c et A be the event that umo the digits is on the elected ticket is 8, then LS ct & be the vent that the Produt of the LS e ro 09 10 20 , 30, 4o R. SO