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Probability Advanced Problems Set-1
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This lesson takes up some difficult problems on Probability

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
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you are doing a great job please continue bcz your hard work not only contribute to the future if this country but also contribute to that of world .thank you so much and happy new year .
  1. 0- Lonsicer S independent Bernoulli' s tria La sP the each uith probability osuccess probabilL O at Least than o eqal 3L , in te rvaL aiLure is reater thern Lies in the 3 2 CA IEEE 201i ere n=5 5 Lven 3 2 5 3 2 32 ns: EIO l.t A , and c be pairwise independent evenl with r(L) >0 and P(An B nC): O Then, P (Acns/ O- 1S

  2. air wise irndependent lo) Qfour numbers are chosn at rando lacementr r canorm without Tom the et 2 , 3 Stti: 3he probabi L that the chosen c'te rmen nos whe or der wail form onearrcun tn Some an A P L S 85 Statemen 2: gf the four ho sen numbers an AP , then set of alL possible VaLues Lorm Ymon ence LS AEEE 201 n (s): 20 Cemmon difference is l; Total no ofcases- mmon Total no of ca ses Comnmon otal no caseS Cormmon otal no. o ca ses

  3. mmon diff, is LS Total no . . ca se s S Common di Total no. cases 2 probability 174 1H + 11 t 2 ts-2- ernce 8 5 ae s Statement i is true A 3tatement I One ticket is sele cted at andom rom 5 o Lickets numbered oo, oI,0, the probability that the bum of the diqits on the seLe cted ticket is 2 r oduct 9. Jhen , wen that the these diits is zero A1EE 200 t c et A be the event that umo the digits is on the elected ticket is 8, then LS ct & be the vent that the Produt of the LS e ro 09 10 20 , 30, 4o R. SO