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Stereochemistry -Optical Isomerism (in Hindi)
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This video is based on Optical Isomerism:- Substance which can rotate the plane -polarised light are called optically active. A substance which rotate the plane polarised light towards right is called Dextrorotatory. A substance which rotates plane polarised light towards left is called laevorotatory.

Smrati dubey
Hello !!!! this is smrati .I am faculty of chemistry . i have 6 yrs experience in teaching . previously I was assistant professor of chemis

Unacademy user
sir there is a confusion. today I watched ur lecture you mentioned 90-90-90 target is related to tuberculosis but when I was solving mcqs by Roman saini sir he mentioned it's aids which is related to the above mentioned. and time is 2020
yes madam...90 90 90 target is for both aids and tb
thanks sir