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Introduction of sterochemistry
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" Stereoisomers are molecules with one or more chiral centers that allows the possibilty of forms with the same chemical formula but differing spatial arragement "

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Smrati dubey
Hello !!!! this is smrati .I am faculty of chemistry . i have 6 yrs experience in teaching . previously I was assistant professor of chemis

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  1. Stereoisomerism By Smrati Dubey Follow me on nacadey

  2. Course overview 1. Introduction 2. Concepts and types a. Diastereoisomerism i. Geometrical isomerism ii. Optical isomerism b. Enantiomerism i Optical Isomerism 3. Geometrical Isomerism a. Condition b. Nomenclature i. Cis/Trans ii. Syn/Anti

  3. Course overview Optical activity Measurement of rotation a. b. C. 4. 5. Optical rotation Angle rotation Specific angle rotation 6. Prediction of optical activity a. b. c. Chirality Molecular dissymmetry Optical activity in biphenyl, allene, tertiary amine Nomenclature of optical isomers a. Relative configuration (d/l) b. Absolute configuration (D/L) c. Absolute configuration (R/S) 7.