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Absolute Nomenclature (R and S / D and L )
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This lesson is based on absolute nomenclature of the molecule . In this lesson you will learn about two types of nomenclature ▪ R and S ▪ D and L

Smrati dubey is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Smrati dubey
Hello !!!! this is smrati .I am faculty of chemistry . i have 6 yrs experience in teaching . previously I was assistant professor of chemis

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Thanks sir class super kuduthal class pretishikkunnu
sure 👍
Great explanation , very effective , you taught a tough topic in very easy manner , RS nomenclature is very confusing because it involves 3 dimensional imagination but you made it very clear on a 2 D plane the last example when the H was on horizontal line you didn't tell that its appearing S but it will be opposite means R ...but it was clear as you have shown the previous example ....very nice and impressive ..please keep uploading
Arka When lowest priority group is in (H in this case) then Very Good Rule is applied that is if Lowest priority group is in horizontal line then the configaration become opposite i.e R becomes S and vive versa. The last example where the H was in horizontal line you said wrongly. Please review and rectify as soon as possible. And please make review of all the videos that you are uploading. Get it checked by other specialised teachers. Many students are watching the channel so be careful before uploading
Smrati dubey
3 months ago
..In the last example when the H was horizontal the arrangement was appearing S but will be R as H is at wrong place ..Please make it correct