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It is a video on the data and frequency

Bhawna Sharma
I am a Bsc(hons)computer science graduate from Kalindi college (DU). Right Now I am Pursuing MCA from IGDTUW

Unacademy user
sir basically I am commerce background student I want to take commerce &accountancy as my optional ,sir if materials available for this particular subject? and mainly commerce student's use calculator for exam's in KAS they will allow calculator
That's STA-TIS-TIC-S.......Statics(what u were saying) is the branch of mechanics and that's completely a different thing.Please care about such small things....
Bhawna Sharma
2 years ago
That was pure pronunciation mistake sir since no one can pronounce all worlds properly but this is a maths course so yes it’s STATISTICS NOT STATICS ,being a science student I know the difference between both of them and thank you for sharing your precious knowledge and review and I will try my best to avoid such mistakes in future:)
Shashwat Kumar
2 years ago
Please don't call me SIR madam......I must say ur videos are full of informations and are counted in good videos on this platform......Yeah, u are right it happens ????????
Shashwat Kumar
2 years ago
*counted under
Shashwat Kumar
2 years ago
There's a problem in my phone's keyboard.....???? Yeah, u r right it is true.....
If was good but it could be improved. There was too much of background noise.