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Solve Syllogisms using Venn diagram- Part II
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Bhavuk Pujara
MDI Gurgaon ‘16-‘18 Rank 3rd | CAT 98.3 | Aptitude trainer for 4+ years

Unacademy user
Thank you sir supper sir****************
If the correct conclusion is not given in the option then what we are supposed to mark?
Bhavuk Pujara
5 months ago
Then you mark the question as Wrong...:)
  1. SYLLOGISMS Using Venn Diagrams Part 2 Syllogism

  2. 3. SOME A are NOT B

  3. Time to think Can I say that Some A is definitely B?

  4. Example: Statements Some Animals are Not Mammals All Mammals are NOT Reptiles Select the correct Conclusion No Animals are Reptiles Some Animals are Reptiles All Animals are NOT Reptiles

  5. Venn Diagrams for Statements Animals Mammals Mammal:s Reptiles Combine the 2 statements

  6. Venn Diagrams for Conclusions Animals Mammals Reptiles

  7. Venn Diagrams for Conclusions Reptiles Mammals Animals

  8. Venn Diagrams for Conclusions Reptiles Animals Mammals

  9. 4. No A is B

  10. Example: Statements No Dog is Cat No Cat is Bee Select the correct Conclusion No Dog is Bee Some Dogs are Bee All Dogs are Bees All Dogs may be Bees

  11. Venn Diagram for Conclusion Bees Dogs Cats

  12. Venn Diagram for Conclusion Dogs Bees Cats