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Example# 6- “All” & “Some” Statements
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Bhavuk Pujara
MDI Gurgaon ‘16-‘18 Rank 3rd | CAT 98.3 | Aptitude trainer for 4+ years

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Ur lessons are creating revolution in education.... Thank U very much sir.. namaste..
Sir what if both the options that is false and can't say is given and via the 50 100 rule we see that the conclusion is false so should we choose can't say or false if both the options are given and only one can be chosen from them?
  1. SYLLOGISMS Syllogism CAT level Sample Question# 6

  2. Example 6: Statement: All Bats are Rats Some Rats are Cats Is it a correct Conclusion that: 1. No Bat is Cat

  3. Using Venn Diagrams

  4. Case I. Cats Rats Rats Bats Combine the 2 statements

  5. Case l 1st Possibility Cats Rats Bats

  6. Case l 2nd Possibility Cats Bats ts

  7. Case l 3rd Possibility Cats Rats Bats

  8. Case II. Rats Rats Cats Bats Combine the 2 statements

  9. Case lI. 1st Possibility OSSI Rats Cats Bats

  10. Case lI. 2nd Possibility Rats Bats Cats

  11. Case lI. 4th Possibility Cats ats Bats

  12. Using 50-100 Rule

  13. Expenditure is always less than Income

  14. Statements: All Bats (100) are Rats (50) Some Rats (50) are Cats (50) INCOME Conclusions: 1. No Bat (100) is Cat (100) EXPENDITURE

  15. Select the correct Conclusion: 1. No Bat is Cat Can't say