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Solutions to Test Questions Part- 4 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the solutions to Parajumbles test 4

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

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sir plz make a video on bottom countries with respect to population, area and gdp

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  4. Test Questions Part 4 (in Hindi) Sahil Mansoori yesterday 1. CEBFAD pairs-CE BF AD...2 AFCBDE..FDGCAEB

  5. Test Questions Part 4 (in Hindi) abhineet Shrivastavayesterday 1) CEBFAD Mandatory Pair: CE,BFAD 2) AFDCEB Mandatory Pair: AF DCE B 3) FDGCAEB Mandatory Pair: F DG GC AE 2

  6. TEST 1 (A) A group of media persons have now taken the responsibility of educating people regarding the reality shows. improve TRPs. (C) The reality shows on TV have been attracting a huge viewership recently. shows and such shows are fast losing their hold. content. (F) The public however is drawn to such contents of the reality shows unaware of . (B) This is because these shows are said to be staged, fabricated and directed to . (D) Owing to their efforts, the public has now realized the truth behind reality . (E) Though the name infers 'real', viewers are being exposed to a lot of 'unreal' this fabrication CEBFAD Mandatory Pairs-CE, EB, BF, AD

  7. TEST 2 . (A) The application of economic, environmental and consumer pressures have been on an increase in recent years advanced in the world. (C) They are thus able to provide expertise and technology to satisfy the needs of . (B) As a result, our agro-food production and technology are amongst the most agro-food production. . (D) In turn, the support industries have developed to an equally advanced state. (E) They have also equipped themselves with the necessary expertise to satisfy the most exacting requirements of the overseas markets. (F) These have greatly influenced the development of the agriculture and food industries in our country. AFDECB Mandatory Pairs-AF,DE,CB

  8. . A. All medical graduates will be on the same level playing field. Patients will b t a lot. Th deprivation of patients in rural areas will vanish. the ordinary citizen and the vast majority of doctors from humble backgrounds. care and becomes the employer of all medical graduates, similar to the National Health Service of the . B. No Central or State government has shown any interest in this obvious solution which will benefit . C. All this can be changed if the government abolishes private practice, institutes universal medical U.K. D. The economically well-off can aspire to better jobs, training abroad (still much sought after in spite of all nationalist talk), and generally adopt metropolitan lifestyles. . E. Unhealthy competition for patients in urban areas will disappear too. . F. Inequality among qualified doctors is quite high. . G. Doctors from poorer backgrounds will need to struggle a lot more. . Last: The opposition to NEET is a smokescreen to hide the real truth, the abysmal level of medical care services and the continued exploitation of poor patients and the doctors who serve them. FDGCAEB . Mandatory Pairs-DG, GC, CA, AE