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33 lessons • 5h 3m

Overview (in Hindi)

8m 26s

Overview (in Hindi)

8m 26s

Strategies to be kept in mind (in Hindi)

14m 45s

The 'Pairing Method' (in Hindi)

14m 06s

Application of strategies on Parajumble-1 (in Hindi)

12m 32s

Application of strategies on Parajumble- 2 (in Hindi)

11m 48s

Test Questions- Part 1 (in Hindi)

8m 53s

Solutions to Test Questions-1 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Test Questions- Part 2 (in Hindi)

5m 36s

Solutions to Test Questions-2 (in Hindi)

13m 32s

Test Questions Part-3 (in Hindi)

3m 53s

Solutions to Test Questions- 3 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Test Questions Part 4 (in Hindi)

5m 01s

Solutions to Test Questions Part- 4 (in Hindi)


Solutions Test Question- 4 (in Hindi)

12m 16s

Test Questions Part 5 (in Hindi)

5m 41s

Solutions to Test Questions- 5 (in Hindi)

13m 23s

Solutions to Test Questions 5 contd (in Hindi)

9m 58s

Test Questions Part 6 (in Hindi)

4m 48s

Solutions to Part 6 (in Hindi)

11m 29s

Solutions to Part 6 contd (in Hindi)

12m 52s

More Practice Questions on Parajumbles-1 (in Hindi)

13m 47s

More Practice Questions-2 (in Hindi)

12m 04s

More Practice Questions-3 (in Hindi)

8m 14s

More Practice Questions-4 (in Hindi)

10m 47s

More Practice Questions- 5 (in Hindi)

7m 10s

More Practice Questions-6 (in Hindi)

6m 43s

More Practice Questions-7 (in Hindi)

6m 00s

More Practice Questions-8 (in Hindi)

5m 44s

More Practice Questions-9 (in Hindi)

6m 09s

More Practice Questions-10 (in Hindi)

5m 16s

More Practice Questions-11 (in Hindi)

8m 00s

More Practice Questions-12 (in Hindi)

5m 45s

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