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Soils of Kerala (in Malayalam)
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This lesson is about the important soils of Kerala

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  1. FACTS ABOUT KERALA LESSON 1: Soils Of Kerala am Alappuz Alappuz lappuz Prepared by; Bibi Mohanan Malapp Malapp Malapp Malapp Malapp

  2. Soil . Formed by weathering of rocks Pedogenesis: Process of soil formation . Pedology: study of Soils

  3. Soil type depends on; . Climate Amount of rainfall P1 Topography Types of rocks Nature of weathering

  4. Soils of Kerala 1. 2. Laterite soil 3. Black soil 4. Alluvium( coastal & riverine) 5. Forest soil Red soil

  5. 1.Red Soil .In southern parts of Trivandrum Red colour Hematite or anhydrous Ferric Oxide Easily absorbs water Deficient in soluble minerals f.

  6. 2. Laterite So Single largest type in Kerala Covers 68% of total area Formed in moist tropical regios . . Due to weathering of granite & gneiss Also weathering of sedimentary rocks

  7. 2. Laterite Soil . Occurs where hot & rainy season occurs alternatively . Cultivation: Rubber, pepper, cashew In northern parts of Kerala Kozhikode, Kannu, Malappuram, &Kasargod

  8. 3. Black Soil Found : Chittur taluk(palakkad) . Continuation of black cotton soil (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu) Low in organic matter . Neutral to moderately alkaline pH= 7 to 8.5 High in clay content . Exhibit cracking during dry periods Cotton,ground nut, sugar cane

  9. 4. Alluvial soil Coastal alluvium .Seen: coastal tracts along Arabian sea(10 Km) Marine origin . Composition: recent marine deposits, sand, silt .Low water retaining capacity Not fertile

  10. . Riverine Alluvium By denudation of rivers .Highly fertile . High water retaining capacity . Acidic I nature Padd. coconut.Arecanut pepper, plantains, pulses, & vegetable:s 2