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Social Reformers of Southern India (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses various social reformers of Southern India. It covers various movements like Justice movement, Self respect movement etc.

Nandini Maharaj is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

Unacademy user
Its a awesome course on social reforms. With respect to you I would like to say that it would have been great if you also had mentioned about ISWAR CHANDRA VIYASAGAR and ATMARAM PANDURANG. THANK YOU
One the best courses on history. Love to receive more lesson in history. Thank you mam.
mam @ 2:17 u had told 1922 but here, wrote 1920 . mam plz give direction
Pankaj Jangid
3 years ago
Madras Presidency Legislative Council election, 1920(wiki)
Thanku mam.....precise judgemental summary lessons ....great explanations of video series in scientific manner
ranade was not covered mam

  2. ABOUT ME BA (Hons.) in History from Lady Shri Ram MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University Love to teach, read and dance

  3. REFORMERS IN SOUTHERN INDIA 1. Sri Narayan Guru Dharma Paripalna 2. Justice Movement 3. Periyar EV Ramaswamy 4. Self Respect Movement 5. Temple Entry Movement

  4. SRI NARAYAN GURU DHARMA PARIPALNA Founded by Sri Narayan Guru Swamy in 1902 Aimed to uplift lower castes . Sri Narayan Guru from Ezhavas caste (toddy-tapers) of Kerela Issues taken up: Right of admission to public schools Recuritment to government services Access to roads and temples Political representation .

  5. JUSTICE PARTY Founded 1917, dissolved 1944 Madras Presidency CN Mudaliar, TM Nair and P. Tyagaraja/Theagaraya To secure jobs and representation for non-brahmins in the legislature .1920 - won the first direct elections in Madras Presidency Important player for securing reservation for lower castes in the legislature .Precedent for present-day Dravidian parties like DMK and AIADMK Mudaliar: non-Brahmin but elite caste which speaks Tamil

  6. PERIYAR EV RAMASWAMY 1879-1973 .Founded the Self Respect Movement in 1925 .EVR member of INC for 6 years, but quit as he felt that INC served interests of the Brahmins . 1939: became head of the Justice Party 1944: changed the name of the party to Dravidar Kazhagam The party split in 1949 to form another faction, DMK Propagated rationalism, self-respect, women's rights and eradication of caste

  7. SELF RESPECT MOVEMENT Aimed to achieve equal human rights for backward castes Encouraged backward castes to have self-respect . Wanted to remove the idea of superior' and 'inferior caste Believed that true freedom would come with self-respect, not with political freedom Did not draw inspiration from the Vedas .Emphasis on rational behavior, social and economic equality, equality of caste, gender and religion .Facilitated weddings without priests Influential in Tamil Nadu, and in overseas areas with a Tamil , diaspora

  8. TEMPLE ENTRY MOVEMENT . 1888: Sri Narayan Guru, a lower caste, installed an idol of Sri Narayan Guru, a Siva at Aravippuram in Kerala .Inspired the Temple Entry Movement Many separate trends and leaders 1924: Vaikom Satyagrah led by KP Kesava in Kerala to open roads and temples to untouchables (Gandhi supported this) ' .1936: Maharaja of Travancore issued a proclamation that mandated all government-controlled temples to be open to all Hindus. .1938: C Rajagopalachari did the same in Madras