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Sitting Arrangment-3 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson educator discusses some important questions of sitting arrangment for csat paper-2

Nitin Baindara
IIT JEE 2012 Qualified,,Cat 2017,2018 IIM Call Getter ,3 times 95+ percentiler in Quant Exam Cleared Ssc Cgl Ssc Chsl 1+ year teaching exp

Unacademy user
excellent explanation
Ankita Bhaskar
2 years ago
thanks Kalpana.

  2. Q.No. 6 In an exhibition of 7 cars of different companies- Cadillac, Ambassador, Fiat, Maruti, Mercedes, Bedford and Fargo are standing facing to east in the following order: 1. Cadillac is next to right of Fargo 2. Fargo is 4th to the right of Fiat 3. Maruti car is between Ambassador and Bedford 4. Fiat which is 3'rd to the left of Ambassador, is at one end Which of the cars are on both the sides of Cadillac car? a. Ambassador and Maruti b. Maruti and Fiat c. Fargo and Mercedes d. Ambassador and Fargo 6

  3. Which of the following statements is correct? a. Fargo car is in b/w Ambassador and Fiat b. Cadillac is next left to Mercedes car c. Fargo is next right of Cadillac d. Maruti s 4th right of Mercedes . Which of the following groups of cars is to the right of Ambassador? a. Cadillac, Fargo and Maruti b. Mercedes, Cadillac and Farg c. Maruti, Bedford and Fiat d. Bedford, Cadillac and Fargo .

  4. Q.No. 7 Read the following statements carefully and answer the questions: 1. K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting in a circle facing at the centre and playing cards 2. O is the neighbour of K and N 3. Q is not b/w P and M 4. P is to the immediate right of 5. L is second to the left of Q Which of the following does not have the pair of persons sitting adjacent to each other? a. LK b. ML c. NO d. QN K.

  5. .Which of the following pairs has the second person sitting immediately to the right of the first? a. KL b. ML c. OK d. None of these . What is the position of P? a. Second to the left of M b. Second to the right of M c. To the immediate left of K d. TO the immediate right of L 0

  6. Which of the following persons are sitting adjacent to each other in clockwise order as shown? a. LQM b. PLM C. MNQ d. ONQ 0