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Sitting Arrangment-4 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson educator discusses some important sitting arrangment question for csat paper 2

Nitin Baindara
IIT JEE 2012 Qualified,,Cat 2017,2018 IIM Call Getter ,3 times 95+ percentiler in Quant Exam Cleared Ssc Cgl Ssc Chsl 1+ year teaching exp

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it is part of merit is't it??

  2. Q.No. 8 In a class there are seven students (including boys and girls) A, B, C, D, E, F and G. They sit on three benches I, II and IlIl. Such that at least two students on each bench and at least one girl on each bench. C who is a girl student, does not sit with A, E and D. F the boy student sits with only B. A sits on the bench I with his best friends. G sits on the bench III. E is the brother of C. How many girls are there out of these 7 students? a. 3 b. 3 or 4 C. d. Data inadequate l.

  3. Which of the following is the group of girls? a. BAC b. BFC c. BCD d. CDF et Who sits with C? b, D c. G d. E 7A-D, 8 inl

  4. Q.No. 9 . A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting in a row facing North :F is to the immediate right of E. E is 4th to the right of G. . C is the neighbour of B and D. Person who is third to the left of D is at one of ends. Who are to the left of C? a. Only B b. G, B and D c. G and B d. D, E, F and A D CB 6CD

  5. Which of the following statement is not true ? a. E is to the immediate left of D b. A is at one of the ends c. G is to the immediate left of B d. F is second to the right of D Who are the neighbours of B? a. C and D b. Cand G c. G and F d. C and E DCB BC D

  6. What is the position of A? a. Between E and D b. Extreme left c. Centre d. Extreme right D CB OCD