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Simple Ways to Solve Mixture and Alligation Questions Part 2
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This lesson comprises questions related to mixture and alligation and is in continuation with the previous lesson. In this lesson one can come across problems based on water and milk, the ​capacity of the container, and water and sugar. Simple tricks to solve them have been explained.

Dhiraj Singh Chauhan
Income-tax Inspector, Cleared Assistant Commandant(SSB), From Saharanpur

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bhaiya total energy mai ang. velocity aana chaiye na
@Dhiraj singh chauhan sir, I want you to look at the question no. 5 in your course. Here the numbers 16 (Milk's ratio) and 81 (mixture's ratio) both are square numbers, hence we can do it by root over. but what if there is a question which is not a perfect square number ( eg 17 in place of 16)? Please help me out with this.
A container contained 80 lit milk. From this Container 8 Lit miLk replaced by water. Further repeated Two times. How Much milk is in container? After solving it as u said i got 729/1000 What next?
Sir 2nd video k 7th question ka solution samajh nhi aya. Jb pani add karege to milk ka part kaise change hoga samajh nhi aya
sir i have a doubt in first question? if the milk is taken out two more times wont the ratio of milk decrease in the mixture?
Goddamn Batman
3 years ago
It is getting decreased... At end of 1st step, Milk:Mixture is 3:4... 2nd step, Milk:Mix is 9:16... 3rd step, 27:64... 3:4 < 9:16 < 27:64

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  3. . 4. A container contains 64 liter milk. 16 liter are taken out and replaced by water and this is repeated 2 times more. Find Ratio of water and milk now

  4. 1 6 64 i WATER 3 MILK 3 3 3 27 MILK WATE : MILK 31:27

  5. . 5. A container of certain quantity was full of milk. 8 liter were drawn off and replaced by water. This process was repeated 3 times more. Ratio of water and milk became 65:16. Find capacity of container

  6. Water :Hi!K = 65 : 16 MiIK : Hixtuve 16 : 81 16 81 nimw.llak,.Li+. = 1 R = 8 Li+.

  7. 6. A mixture of 600 g contains 60% sugar and rest is water. How much w ater is to be added in it so th at in new mixture, water and sugar are equal?

  8. 600 SUGAR WATER 360 2. 360 --.- .. 36o 360 . 120 atr

  9. . 7. In a container, Milk and water are in ratio 7:5.When 9 liters of mixture were removed and replaced by water, ratio became 7:9. Find initial quantity of milk in mixture.

  10. MILK 7 7 7 WATER C-9 Lit.) .9-- Ratio = g L Total vol ..n 1-12 R Total Vol. = 27+9-36 L x 36-21 L l2- MILK