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Simple Interest for Kerala PSC - Part 1 (in Malayalam)
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Typing Mistake in 1st qstn : SI was 2600 & Amount 9100 Sorry for the mistake This lesson discusses basic concepts of Simple Interest, % based approach and 3 problems on SI

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Ismaiel Kalady
I teach Quantitative aptitude/Maths/Reasoning for Kerala PSC. My Youtube Channel is IMA Math Tricks, Telegram Channel - Issu Math

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Mam I have a doubt plz clear it as soon as possible. How pseudopolar neurons are formed and what is their importance??? Although choroid contains pigmentation then why they are bluish in colour?? And obviously Thank you for making this course
Tamanna Chaudhary
4 months ago
Megha, find the answers to your doubts below- 1. Pseudipolar neurons were actually bipolar neurons whose two processes fused together during it's development, bifurcation aa gayi in the fused structure and it became psuedopolar. 2. The significance of these types of neurons is that it has the ability to form synapses of two completely different kinds. For example agar mein us pseudopolar neuron ki baat karu that is located in the dorsal root ganglion, then 1 branch will go to dorsal side of spinal cord and form synapses with other neurons located there While the other branch will pass the distal dorsal root and innervate skin, joints and muscles
Tamanna Chaudhary
4 months ago
Choroid mein pigmentation hai tabhi to bluish-black hoti hai, Nahi hoti pigmentation to choroid ka koi color nahi hota.
Megha Hassanandani
4 months ago
Thank you mam for clearing my doubt..😊😊
sir please upload compound interest
question no.1 6500X40/100 = 2600 aanallo right answer..u written 2800
Ismaiel Kalady
2 months ago
Thats written in the description, its hard to change a lesson published
could you please upload compound interest????
Compound interst class venam pleaseee
thank you sir compound class tharumo sir

  2. Course Contents Basic Concepts of Simple interest - Percentage based approach - Shortcut Tricks to solve in 5 seconds All Types of SI based problems Previous year PSC Questions included ISMAIEL KALADY

  3. Simple Interest . If a certain amount is borrowed at a certain rate of interest, which is same for all the given years then it is called Simple Interest. Principal-Initial amount or the amount borrowed Amount - Sum of Principal and extra amount which a borrower has to return ISMAIEL KALADY

  4. Simple Interest- Basic Equation .SI 100 A Amount T Time P Principal R Rate ISMAIEL KALADY

  5. Simple Interest - Percentage Method Let Rate of Interest be 10% per annum & principal be 100% Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Percentage of Principal 10% 20% 30% 40% ISMAIEL KALADY

  6. 1. Find s.l and Amount on 6500 at 8% p.a. for 5 years? Ans ISMAIEL KALADY

  7. 1. Find s.l and Amount on 6500 at 8% p.a. for 5 years? Ans SI for 1 year-8 % SI for 5 years = (5 81% = 40% ISMAIEL KALADY

  8. 1. Find s.l and Amount on 6500 at 8% p.a. for 5 years? Ans SI for 1 year-8 % SI for 5 years-(5 81% 40% /0= 40 Interest 6500-Rs.2800 100 Amount 65002800 Rs. 9300 ISMAIEL KALADY

  9. 4000 will become 2. At what rate % of s.l A) 12% Ans 5600 in 5 years? B)896 C)4% D) 10% ISMAIEL KALADY

  10. 2. At what rate % of S1, 4000 will become 5600 in 5 years? A)12% B)8% Ans C)4% D) 10% Interest = 5600-4000 = Rs. 1600 ISMAIEL KALADY

  11. 2. At what rate % of S1, 4000 will become 5600 in 5 years? A)12% B)8% Ans C)4% D) 10% 0 Interest = 5600-4000 = Rs. 1600 1600 Total % for 5 years-4000 100 = 40% 40 _R0 Rate of Interest for 1 year = 5-8 % ISMAIEL KALADY

  12. 6800 at the 3. In how much time as S.I, 5000 will become rate of 12%? A)1 years B)3 years C)2 years D)5 years Ans Interest = 6800-5000 = Rs. 1800 ISMAIEL KALADY

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