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Similar Sounding Words That Mean Different Things Part 2
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This lesson will help you in learning the difference between similar sounding words like Late-Lately and Who-Whom. It gives a clearer understanding by telling the difference through some examples. This lesson is extremely beneficial for students who want to improve their English and also for students preparing for verbal reasoning section of the various competitive examination.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

Unacademy user
Shubham Singh
a year ago
Thnx biswa...dosto ko bhi share kara on whatsapp...taaki jyada se jyada logo tak pahuche.
a year ago
OK.... Sir....
Di ur videos r awsome..... n really affordable explanation 😍
hii reema.. yes ur videos are really helpful. those u r having lil problem in spoken english as well as written . sure get benefited by this 💜💜 love 💜💜
Reema Behl
a year ago
Thanks a lot Meera! Your words mean a lot to me
hi mam, this learning video is really good and help me to overcome from mistakes. Thank you mam.
Hey Reema can you suggest me some novels(of any gener) so that I can build my vocabulary as well as my reading skills.
thank you ! I always had confusion between whom and who.
  1. BASIC CONCEPTS IN SPOKEN ENGLISH Lesson 6: Similar sounding words Part2 Presented by Reema Behl

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  3. Sociology Hons LSR Masters, Journalism, Sciences Po, Paris Convergent Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia Asaistant t Editor, Danea Dance Jazz Contemporary Theatre Public speaking Femina NDTV Reema Behl

  4. Late/lately Late: not on time I started my lesson pretty late today. Lately: recently Lately, I have been going to the beach for a jog. (repeated events ol went shopping lately. I single event) l went shopping recently.

  5. Lately is NOT an adjective. 01 took a late train to office. I took a lately train to office. XX

  6. Who vs whom Who: Subject Who made the lesson? Whom The lesson was made by whom? The lesson

  7. WHOM - - HIM / THEM Who/Whom did you call yesterday? Icalled him (her yesterday. Who/Whom should be the next educator on Unacademy? He should be/She should be. Who/Whom should we make the next educator on Unacademy? Hi m/(Her)