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Similar Sounding Words That Mean Different Things Part 1
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This lesson will help you in learning the difference between similar sounding words like Amiable-Amicable, Enquiry-Inquiry, Apart-A part and Farther-further. It gives a clearer understanding by telling the difference through some examples. This lesson is extremely beneficial for students who want to improve their English and also for students preparing for verbal reasoning section of the various competitive examination.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

Unacademy user
Yaar Sab questions ki PDF bi provide kra do
Himanshi singh
a year ago
Take a screenshot my dear :)
Bharti Dabas
a year ago
Great lesson. These kind of questions I see in PO exams. Better to see this to be more cautious. As in error correction type questions when these kind of errors occur one feels stumped badly after seeing solution.
Thanx mam. you are really doing well after watching your I'll feel more confident
Good observation Krishna. A goal is the object of a person's ambition and there can be more than one goals. But yes, it implies finality and I shall get that removed from the future slides.
You got some teaching skills
Great Lesson. Learnt a lot of new things!!!
  1. BASIC CONCEPTS IN SPOKEN ENGLISH Lesson 5: Similar sounding words Part1 Presented by Reema Behl

  2. Introduction. Objective: Interviews, CAT, general examinations interactions Educator: Reema Behl End goal of collection: To speak English fluently and write English better @

  3. Sociology Hons LSR Masters, Journalism, Sciences Po, Paris Convergent Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia Asaistant t Editor, Danea Dance Jazz Contemporary Theatre Public speaking Femina NDTV Reema Behl

  4. Amicable/amiable Amiable: Person/ Individual Reema is an amiable person, but today she fought with her friend. Amicable: countries/ groups India and Pakistan should maintain amicable relations with each other

  5. *Enquiry/inquiry Enquiry/Inquiry Enquiry: get information for some purpose I would like to enquire about the English tuitions in this area. Inquiry: detailed investigation The judge has suspended the inquiry in the ongoing criminal case.

  6. apart/a part apart: to separate I would like to stand apart from this team. a part: union I would like to become a part of this team.

  7. Farther/further Farther: physical distance How much farther? Six kms. .Further: non physical distance How much further? Just a few kms. | Six kms. Do you want me to explain this lesson further?