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SETS Part 2 (in Hindi)
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SETS part 2

ELECTRONIC ENGINEER and TEACHER by profession..... Love teaching MATHS (JEE)and REASONING+Q.A (for all General comp..) like BANK SSC CLAT R

Unacademy user
Please Go through some videos of Deepanshu sir. You don't have to read the points, you are supposed to elaborate the issue in hindi only, and explain those pre-given points.
every rational numb. to integer to ho sakta ha na
Every integer is a rational no. But a rational no.need not be an integer
Because integer which is not a fraction
Saksham gupta
10 days ago
okk sir
at 9:32 you said all interger are natural number but it is upside down it should be wrong
Yes all integers are never be natural may be my don't worry if your concept is clear then it should be may be i will play once
  1. get- let s wel defined Collecti on at an 'eet (Aabl yelations aad get are used to define e concept of funations gtis usually Denoted CAPITAL LETTER rte elements a gets are Represented by 'Swat letter * verolechion is ot Set But t s coteation ColU N-, 2, 3, 4, s 0

  2. geb order No Madters Repeat to get at letters ab word seHOOL BELONGS TO a an element at A and a e A get

  3. a) Every wRrle no. is a ohtra/ uo b) ever Rational wo. s aa Lnteger c) every inte i a Ratonel no ,Lto Rational no Fracion 2 Zero Natural no. (J) e) ever-Rationel no. lu a vfele no

  4. EA METHOD OF REPRESENTINGSET- - SET BUCLDER Form KOSTER form Property Melkod Cr TabulWh form Rostes-form :- ^ (as e ab Rostes wete au Ha elew ents ab a et are Usted and feelemets ase bej and aLLA'z brackets ({) oowmas ) Lnteges ler habet