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SETS Part 1 (in Hindi)
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SETS part 1

ELECTRONIC ENGINEER and TEACHER by profession..... Love teaching MATHS (JEE)and REASONING+Q.A (for all General comp..) like BANK SSC CLAT R

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  1. get- let s wel defined Collecti on at an 'eet (Aabl yelations aad get are used to define e concept of funations gtis usually Denoted CAPITAL LETTER rte elements a gets are Represented by 'Swat letter * verolechion is ot Set But t s coteation ColU N-, 2, 3, 4, s 0

  2. ii) A is set at all even noleso A- 10 2, 4, 6, 8, ha b a, e, l, o, u b: SA, e, , o, u C IS Not a set 8- SA, E, r, o, V ) Collecti on ab nuost ta/en ted Rmtersin Enda Not a et nLD anuud

  3. geb order No Madters Repeat to get at letters ab word seHOOL BELONGS TO a an element at A and a e A get

  4. EA METHOD OF REPRESENTINGSET- - SET BUCLDER Form KOSTER form Property Melkod Cr TabulWh form Rostes-form :- ^ (as e ab Rostes wete au Ha elew ents ab a et are Usted and feelemets ase bej and aLLA'z brackets ({) oowmas ) Lnteges ler habet