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Set 7: Economics Test Series For Prelims!!
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Set 7: Economics Test Series For Prelims!!

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Akshay Kadam
With 5 yr UPSC coaching experience; I wl help u get conceptual clarity of topics & their Applied Understanding to score more.

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The Panchsheel are a set of principles to govern relations between states. Their first formal codification in treaty form was in an agreement between China and India in 1954. They were enunciated in the preamble to the "Agreement (with exchange of notes) on trade and intercourse between Tibet Region of China and India", which was signed at Peking on 28 April 1954. This agreement stated the five principles as: Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty. Mutual non-aggression. Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs. Equality and cooperation for mutual benefit. Peaceful co-existence. The contemporary 5-C approach (Communication, Cooperation, Contacts, Coordination, and Control) for bettering India-China ties does not differ much in spirit, when compared to the traditional approach. However, in view of a new realities of current times, it places greater emphasis on 'communication' and use of 'contacts' while resolving differences, while underlying tenet still being mutual coordination and cooperation.