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Set 4: Part 2: Economics MCQ For Prelims
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Set 5: Part 2: Economics MCQ For Prelims!!

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Akshay Kadam
With 5 yr UPSC coaching experience; I wl help u get conceptual clarity of topics & their Applied Understanding to score more.

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Mam can you solve mathematic part from dairy farm instructor 2017
a year ago
Sure 👍🏻
doubt, in Q7 countervailing duty & dumping duty aren't same?? I mean both imposed by importer country
Akshay Kadam
8 months ago
They are not same Nimesh. both have different purpose but allowed to be imposed by WTO.
  1. Economics Test Series For Prelims unacademy Master Economics with the help of Conceptual Objective Practice Questions, By Prof. Akshay D Kadam

  2. Economics Sample Questions Both 1 and2 Neither 1 nor 2 7. Consider the following statements: Countervailing duty is imposed on imports to offset the subsidies that are given in source country If a nation exports a product at a price lower than the price it normally charges on its own home market, it is said to be "dumping" the product and destination country can impose Anti-dumping duty to offset this. Select correct answer using codes givern below: 8. Which of the following are not under aegis of WTO? Trade-Related Investment Measures Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Agreement on rules of origin Agreement on application of sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures 1 only 2 only fppt.comm

  3. Economics Sample Questions 9. Which among the following body regulates Mutual Funds in India? 10. Which among the following is terms is generally not associated with Budgets in India? Reserve Bank of India Securities and Exchange Board of India Financial Stability and Development Council Pension Funds Regulation and Development Authority Outcome Budget Gender Budget Austerity Budget Gross Budgetary Support

  4. Economics Sample Questions 11. 'Income generated from Tourism' can be placed under which of the following? 12. If the government chooses to spend money freshly printed by the RBI against government securities, it should be kept in which among the following? Invisible Import Invisible Export Visible Import Visible Export Fiscal adjustment Deficit Financing Statutory spending Retrenchment

  5. Economics Sample Questions 13. In which of the following, the realization from sale of minority shareholding of the Government in profitable Central Public Sector Enterprises are channelized? 14. Countries engage in 'Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement to counter: Consolidated Fund of India Public Account National Investment Fund Disinvestment Fund Unpredictability in real effective exchange rate Hot money going out of economy Balance of payment crisis Round tripping

  6. Economics Sample Questions 15. Which of the following are correctlyWhich of the above are correctly matched? matched? Vote on account: grant in advance to enable the government to carry on until the voting of demands for grants and the passing of the Appropriation Bill and Finance Bill. Interim budget: full budget made by the government during the last year of its term Vote of Credit: grant for meeting an unexpected demand upon the resources of India, due to the magnitude or the indefinite character of which, the demand cannot be stated with the details ordinarily given in a budget 1 and 2 only 2 only 1, 2 and 3 None of the above

  7. Economics Sample Questions 16.

  8. Economics Sample Questions

  9. Economics Sample Questions