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Set 6: Part 2: Economics MCQ for Prelims
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Set 6: Part 2: Economics MCQ for Prelims

Akshay Kadam is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Akshay Kadam
With 5 yr UPSC coaching experience; I wl help u get conceptual clarity of topics & their Applied Understanding to score more.

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v.good content sir...keep uploading... hand written notes are goof
  1. Economics Test Series For Prelims unacademy Master Economics with the help of Conceptual Objective Practice Questions. By Prof. Akshay D Kadam

  2. Which of the following correctly Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? characterizes third stage of 'demographic transition theory'? thousand of population 1.Crude birth rate: number of births in a year per 2.Maternal mortality rate: number of deaths of women as a result of pregnancy and childbirth a) High birth rate, low b) Declining birth rate, low complications in a year per 100,000 live births c) Low birth rate, low death of children born to a woman over her reproductive d) High birth rate, declining Select correct answer using codes given below death rate death rate rate death rate 3.Replacement level fertility rate: average number span a) 1 and 2only b) 2 only c) 1 and 3 only d) None of the above fpP

  3. longevity dividend' occurs in an economy when: Consider following statements and select one which is not true: a) Life expectancy a)Private equity is equity or securities in a company b) Average literacy and b)An angel investor generally provides seed capital to c) When elderly increases that is listed on the stock market. skill set increases the venture while venture capital firms seek investment once the business is established. c)Venture capital firms raise that money by offering contribute to economic growthinvestors a chance to take part in a fund that is then d) Infant mortality rate used to buy shares in a private company whereas, an angel investor uses her own money. d)Both Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists hold private equity in the company decreases fpp

  4. Which among the following decides the Oil Prices in India? Capital gains tax will be applied in India on the sale of which of the following? 1.Bonds 2.Gold 3.Real estate 4.Stocks Select correct answer using codes given below: a)1 and 3 only b)3 only c)1, 3 and 4 only d)1, 2, 3 and 4 a) b) Government of India Government of Respective States Ministry of Petroleum Oil Companies c) d) fpP

  5. Which of the following committees is not related to poverty estimation? Consider the following statements: 1.Disinvestment essentially results in Privatization. 2.Privatization essentially results in transfer of assets Which among the above statements is/ are correct? a)1 only b)2 only c)Both 1 and 2 d)Neither 1 nor 2 Tendulkar committee Y. K. Alagh committee Lakadawala committee Shrikirishna committee ppcom

  6. What is the meaning of the 'Government Route' in context of Foreign Direct Investments? Which of the following decides the Minimum Support Prices on behalf of the Government of India? a) Ministry of Agriculture b) Cabinet Committee on a) Investments can be made only with prior permission of the Government or Government authorities Economic Affairs c) Agriculture Cost and Price b) Investments can be made only in Commission d) None of the above partnership with the Government or Government Companies c) Investment can be made only in the Government Companies d) Investment can be made only by a Foreign Government Body in India

  7. The term "Golden Revolution" is associated with: Consider the following figures in context with the "Components of Money Stock" Currency in Circulation is R1000 Cash with Banks is 2000 'Other Deposits with RBl is 1500 Demand Deposits with banks are 500 Time Deposits with banks are 500 What is the correct amount of narrow money? a) National Solar Mission b) National Horticulture Mission c) International Solar Alliance d) Gold monetization scheme a) 3000 b) 3500 c) 75000 d) 2000 ppcom

  8. Which of the following is not an instrument of qualitative control of monetary policy in India? The primary purpose behind banks keeping of the Margin Requirements is: a) Regulation of the Consumer a) To fulfil RBI requirements b) To keep themselves Basel Credit b) Rationing of the Credit c) Margin Requirements d) Variable Costs and IlII compliant c) To maintain a cushion against the decline of value of security To earn profit Reserves d) ppcom

  9. Which of the following external domestic agencies have been accredited by RBl to asses credit risk? 1) ICRA 2) CARE 3) Brickwork Reating 4) SMERA 5) Moddy's Options a) 1 2 3 and 4 b) 1 2 3 and 5 c) 1 and 2 d) All the above Which of the following are taken as Trigger points by RBl to initiate 'Prompt Corrective Action' against public sector banks? 1) Capital to Risk weighted Ratio(CRAR) 2) Net Non Performing Assets 3) Shortfall in Reserve Requirements 4) Return on Assets Options a) 1 2 and 3 b) 1 2 and 4 c) 2 3 and 4 d) 1 and 2 Only