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Set 5 Science Previous Questions (in Malayalam)
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This lesson is about the previous questions on science

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  2. A protein solution on warming with concentrated nitric acid may turn yellow called; a) Xanthoproteic test... b) Biuret test c) Millions test d) Hopkins cole test

  3. Bieuret test : to detect the presence of peptide bonds Millions test : presence of proteins Hopkins -cole test: presence of amino acid tryptophan

  4. Acetyl salicyclic acid is known as; a) Oil of wintergreen b) Salol d) Pioric acid

  5. Oil of wintergreen Methyl Salicylate Salot- Phenyl salicylate Pioric acid- TNP( 2,4,6 tripheno)

  6. Who among the following was the first winner of Nobel prize in Physics? a) S Chandrasekharan b) C V Raman... c) V Ramakrishnan d) Hargovind Khorane

  7. Over production of which hormone lead to exophthalmic goiter? a) lodine b) Insulin c) Thyroxine... d) ADH

  8. NOBEL PRIZE Instituted in 1901 December 10th City : Stockholm( except peace) Peace prize-Oslo First Indian Rabindra Nath Tagore91913) CV Raman : 1930 Raman effect: 1928 Feb 28 National Science day : Feb 28

  9. Largest endocrine gland - Thyroid gland Thyroxine & calcitonin Under production of thyroxine Hypothyroidism Defeciency of Thyroxine in adults Myxedema Dereciency of Thyroxine in children-Cretinism

  10. A liquid having pH value more than 7 is; a) Citric acid b) Lime water... c) Soda water d) Vinagii

  11. Beer -4.5 Lemon water 2.4 Vinegar -2.9 Human stomach- 3.5 Tomato -4.2 4.4 Sea water 7.36 8.21 Baking soda - 8