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Set 2 Science Previous Questions (in Malayalam)
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This lesson is about the Expected Questions on Science

Bibi Mohanan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bibi Mohanan
I have a teaching experience of 7 years . I run two YT channeIs My Notebook & EEE Made Easy. I did M.Tech in photonics and BTech in EEE

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Thank you mam 🙏 🙏 🙏
Njan first kanunnathe.... Anik ishtappatu padipikkunn style
Bibi Mohanan
10 months ago
Thank you..
It's been a wonderful class mam..
Bibi Mohanan
9 months ago
You are most welcome...
Bibi Mohanan
9 months ago
Thank you....

  2. In which atmospheric level ozone gas is seen? a) Mesosphere b) Lithosphere c) Stratosphere.... d) lonosphere

  3. Lowest layer - Troposphere ( dust particles, water vapour, clouds, rain,snow,wind and storms) Stratosphere ozonosphere? Ozone day - Sep 16 Thermo sphere- lower part - ionosphere ( radio) upper exosphere

  4. Which is the relay centre in our brain? a) Pituitary gland b) Thalamus... c) Spinal cord d) Meninges

  5. Thalamus: sensory information( pain,temperature,pressure and touch) Membrane which cover brain? Reflex actions controlled by? Master gland?

  6. Methane gas is invented by the scientist; a) Alexandra Volta.... b) Alexander Fleming c) John Dalton d) Thomas Alwa Edison

  7. Marsh gas Jhon Dalton - Atom theory Fleming- Penicillirn Edison- Bulb

  8. In which day Mangalyaan' was launched from Sriharikkotta? a) 5 November 2012 b) 5 November 2013.. c) 24 January 2014 d) 24 September 2014

  9. Which lamp has the highest Energy Efficiency? a) Incandescent Lamp c) CFL d) Arc Lamp

  10. LED- Light Emitting Diode(Oleg losen 1927) CFL- discharge lamp Arc lamps- coal mines