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Sectors Of Economy - Introduction & Functions (for UPSC CSE)
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The lesson begins with how civilization started, and an introduction to the market. It then highlights the functions of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy.

Israel Jebasingh
Director of Officers IAS Academy. IAS Officer of 2004 Batch with AIR 59.

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this course is most important for me... introduction is impressive.i hope coming lecture help me lot. thanks sir...
Suyash Goyal
2 years ago
They will surely help. Thanks and happy learning keep asking :)
Sir, Have a question, does the income from hotels comes under Secondary or Tertiary Sector? As they both produce dishes for consumption and also provide service by serving food and other services to the customer?
Vimal diyora
2 years ago
tertiary sector
Vimal diyora
2 years ago
tertiary sector
Great course, Sir but i have a question is it better to start a business based on service sector than other sector as India became Service Economy since 1999
Sir, you are not only an efficient teacher but also an experienced senior. Your lectures make me feel like a schoolboy again... only that now I understand the concepts clearly... Please do make more educational videos and I think INDIA will be thankful for your voluntary Tertiary services! Thank You, Very much...
Thanks a lot friends for your encouraging comments.
Eagerly waiting for your next lectures sir !
  1. Sectors of Economy

  2. How Civilization started .Caves to Riverbed Division of work led to specialization Met in market for exchange

  3. Market 3 different types of block in Market Can call as P Block, S Block, T Block

  4. P Block Wheat, Tomato, Fish, Potato .All natural products

  5. S Block .Potato Chips .Tomato Sauce Dry fish

  6. T Block . Dancers Teachers Transporters

  7. Primary Sector .Wheat, Rice, Tomato, Potato Ali natural products Agriculture dominates Agriculture and related sector

  8. Secondary Sector . Potato chips, Tomato Sauce Man made products Industrial Activity Industrial or Manufacturing Sector

  9. Tertiary Sector . Teaching, Dancing, Transporting No goods . Just services . Also called as Service Sector

  10. Sectors of Economy Primary Sector . Secondary Sector Tertiary Sector