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Aditya Jalan
M.Tech in Software Engineering, IT Sector for 2.5 years. Working in Textile Field. Life is diverse :)

Unacademy user
Hello sir thank you very much for this initiative...this the one and only maithili lecture series available on net...I stay in HYBD and found very difficult to prepare.its very useful...looking forward for full syllabus.
Aditya Jalan
2 years ago
Thank you. Even I was in Hyderabad, till few months back. All these courses were made and published during my hyderabad stay only ☺️
plz upload manbodh कृष्ण जन्म and गोविन्ददास
Sir plz send to Maithili syllabus part 1 or part 2 and also send to the books name..
Sir This lesson is really helpful for us . Thanks a lot and please Continue and complete this course . One more thing please make a lecture on basic Maithili word , means how to write hindi to maithili ? explain about some important mathili word .
Aditya Jalan
2 years ago
Thank you Manish. Ok, I'll make a lesson on translation and Maithili grammar too, so that this would give an idea. Maithili words wherever, I get I explain in the lesson itself. Making a vocabulary itself won't work. There is an app in Play Store Maithili English Dictionary, you should refer it. I also refer to the app quite often while doing self study or preparing for the lesson
Manish Kumar
2 years ago
Thank you for suggestion and this course .
I was searching tutor of maithili from long time.......thanks a lot sir ji.................can you finish entire paper 2 syllabus............if possible
Aditya Jalan
2 years ago
yes. I was out of touch for sometime. Now, I am continuing again.
  1. Maithili 2015 paper II 37 - 1 20 4e