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(Hindi) Maithili Literature for UPSC CSE Aspirants


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Aditya Jalan

Maithili optional for Civil Services examination is broadly divided in 2 sections. 1) History of language, maithili language, relationship with other language, grammar, it's evolution, different styles in Literature, their difference, their masterpieces and other famous works. This portion is basically static where an aspirant needs to learn most of the facts and then do a writing practice for reproducing in the examination. Around 80-90% of paper is highly predictable and scoring. Only dynamic portion contains achievement by authors Sahitya Akademi Award winners, their biographies, recent deaths etc. 2) This portions consists of prose and poetry. Short stories, drama, novel, poems across period in Maithili Literature. My focus will be more on part 2. Because I strongly believe that it's far better to represent your understanding than to mug up and write in the paper. My strategy is translating the maithili poems/stories to hindi so that it's easier to understand. Once, the idea is clear anybody can put in his/her views in the answers. For writing, I'll share the formats of how to write answers. Initially I'll share sample answers in both Hindi and Maithili so that it's better to relate and understand. Lastly, please understand that we are not studying Maithili rather we're studying LITERATURE. So, language won't be a problem at all. 80-85% words are exactly hindi. 10% words are like hindi, which actually make the difference. They can be easily learnt by writing practice for 15 days or so. Rest of the words is vocabulary which is not an issue, as we need to stick to the syllabus itself. I'm open to all the further queries.

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