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Rules of the test
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In this lesson, the rules and other details of the mock test have been discussed.

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Riya Agarwal
I'm here to liberate & share my knowledge. Shortly, all DI and LR lessons will be available, in English & Hindi. Also, past year papers.

Unacademy user
sir, you are saying option A is correct for 4 th question. But official key has given option B as correct. which one is correct?
Hello, i am a new member of this learning and educational platform, i am looking for SSC English lessons and study material,
I'm able to solve 3-4 Sets in 1hour can the no. of attempts would increase within 3 months by Rigorously giving Mock test..?
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
Yes Shivam definitely. You need to work more on the timing you devote to each set. Your target should be to solve 1 set completely within 10 minutes.
Mam According to you what is good no. of attempts in DI....?
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
5+ sets.
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
But remember just attempting won't fetch you marks. You need to be attempt it correctly.
mam "games and tournament " questions always consumes alot of time... are there any shortcut approaches to them?
Riya Agarwal
10 months ago
Yes Sourav I'm going to post a seperate course on games and tournament at the beginning of September.
Sourav Sharma
10 months ago
Ty mam we all are eagerly waiting...

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  3. TARGET: CAT 2018





  8. Total 8 problem sets from DI and LR, with 4 questions each, will be given in the next 2 lessons. Try to solve as many questions as you can in I hour. At least read and attempt to solve all questions within the stipulated time. Be true to yourself by following the time strictly. Since this is a video based Mock Test, you'll have to go with play and pause process. Therefore, you can add 5-7 minutes in your time, to cover up the time wasted in the process. >Now, let me guide you with the structure of test. In the next lesson, there will be given 4 problem sets in random order of subject(DI or LR) and difficulty level. The remaining 4 problem sets will be given in the lesson thereafter The best you can do is play the video and put it to the slide mode (you can find this con on the screen)

  9. STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER 2017 paper: Section DILR Number of questions: 32 Number of MCQs: 24 Number of Non- MCQs: 8

  10. STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER Mock Test 1: Section: DILR Total Questions: 32 (M CQ non- MCQ) >No. of MCQ question: No. of non- MCQ questions: For MCQ questions: (+3) marks will be awarded for each correct answer, (I) for an incorrect answer, while (0) marks, if not attempted. For non- MCQ type: (+3) marks for correct answer and no marks will be deducted for an incorrect answer. Total marks of DILR:96