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Question key- Part 1
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In this lesson, the first four problem of the test have been dictated.

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Riya Agarwal
I'm here to liberate & share my knowledge. Shortly, all DI and LR lessons will be available, in English & Hindi. Also, past year papers.

Unacademy user
Neetu Rani
a year ago
Thanks Hitesh for participating.. Absolutely correct 👍
Wanted to request you to come up with rising difficulty level and give us one DILR Mock test once every week to boost up our practice and scores. Wanting to communicate with you ma'am. Please reply.
Hi ma'am these sums are relatively easy to solve. I could solve 1,2,4 sets. Did not know how to represent data of 3rd set. Will see the solutions later.
mam may you please upload higher levels of DI &LR questions ....
MA'am are these questions of actual CAT Level?
Bharti Narang
a year ago
Hey, you should be able to do it mate. These are introductory level, I guess.

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  3. TARGET: CAT 2018

  4. All the Bert!

  5. PROBLEM 1

  6. DIRECTIONS FOR Q.1- Q.4 Six friends Abhi, Deep, Mayank, Prince, Rambo and Sumit married within a year in the months of February, April, July, September, November and December and in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata but not necessarily following the above order. The brides names were Aabha, Jasmeet, Shikha, Bindia, Inpreet and Aayushi, once again not following any order. The following are some facts about their weddings. () Mayank's wedding took place in Chennai, however he was not married to Aabha or Aayushi (ii) Abhi's wedding took place in Ahmedabad and Rambo's in Delhi; however neither of them was married to Jasmeet or Bindia. (ii) The wedding in Kolkata took place in February (iv) Shikha's wedding took place in April, but not in Ahmedabad (v) Aabha and Inpreet got married in February and November and in Chennai and Kolkata but not following the above order (vi) Prince visited Bengaluru and Kolkata only after his marriage in December. (vii) Sumit was married to Jasmine to September.

  7. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING Q1. Shikha's husband is? a)Abhi b)Deep c)Rambo d)Prince Q2. Deep's wedding took place in? a)Bengaluru b)Mumbai c)Kolkata d)Delhi Q3. In Mumbai, the wedding of a)Rambo,April c)Deep, November took place in the month of? b)Sumit, September d)Prince,December Q4.Abha was married to? a)Mayank b)Deep c)Prince d)None

  8. PROBLEM 2

  9. DIRECTIONS FOR Q.5- Q.8 In the following questions, the pie-chart shows the number of students admitted in different faculties of a college. Study the chart and answer the questions Arts Education CommerceScience 30 45 120 All data are in degrees 65 100

  10. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING Q5. How many students are more in commerce than in law if 1000 students are in science? (Non- MCQ) Q6. lf 1000 students are admitted in science,what is the ratio of students in science and arts? (a) 6:5 (b) 7:5 (c) 7:6 (d) 5:6 Q7. If 1000 students are admitted in science,what is the total number of students? (Non- MCQ) all faculties except science and law? Q8. Find the percentage of students in (approximately) a) 60% b)55% c)50% d) 75%