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Question key- Part 2
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In this lesson, the remaining 4 problem sets have been dictated.

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  2. ABOUT ME I hold a B.E degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. . CAT, 17: DI & LR-98.29 %ile. . Follow me on the Unacademy learning app for all conceptual courses and practice papers on DI & LR topics for CAT and other B-school entrance exams Not all are born Einstein's but trust me with hard work and dedication we can together make it possible

  3. TARGET: CAT 2018

  4. All the Bert!

  5. PROBLEM 5

  6. DIRECTIONS FOR Q.17- Q.20 Subendu Roy was the head of a toy manufacturing company that was trying to develop a new product. Roy, along with his friend Siddhant Agrawal, assessed that such products had mixed success. Roy and Agrawal realized that if a new product was a success, it may result in sales of 100 crores but if it is unsuccessful, the sales may be only 20 crores. They further assessed that a new product was likely to be successful 50% of times. Cost of launching the new product was likely to be 50 crores. Now, Roy and Agrawal were in a quandary whether the company should go ahead and market the product. They contacted Angad Adhikary, a common friend for advice. Adhikary was of the opinion that given the risky nature of launch, it may be a better idea to test the market. Agrawal and Roy realized test marketing would cost 10 crores. Adhikary told them the previous test marketing results have been favorable 70% of times and success rate of products ly tested was 80%. Further, when test marketing results were unfavorable/the products have been successful 30% of the times.

  7. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: Q17. How much profit(in crores) can the company expect to earn if it launches the new product (suppose there are no additional costs)? (Non- MCQ) Q18. If Agrawal and Roy decides to launch the product despite unfavorable test marketing, how much profit can the company expect to earn? A. 10 crores B.-13.2 crores C.-36.8 crores .-16 crores Ql9. How much profit(in crores) can the company expect to make if the product is launched after favorable test marketing results.(assume there are no additional costs)? (Non- MCQ) Q20. What is the probability of product failure if Roy and Agrawal decides to test market it? A. 0.14 B.0.35 C. 0.28 D. Indeterminable

  8. PROBLEM 6

  9. DIRECTIONS FOR Q.21 Q.24 A train runs through cities A, B, C, D, E, F G and H. The line graph indicates the time schedule of the train including times of arrival and departure Train schedule 1000 H 860 Z 800 G 750 750 U 700 F IVALUE] 574 E 468 468 2 500 400 300 200 100 D 380 380 231 231 B 140 140 A 0 7:00 8:40 8:50 10:10 10:12 55 2:00 13:20 13:30 1445 15:00 17:00 17:10 18:25 TIME

  10. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: Q21. The overall average speed(in kmph) of the entire trip excluding stoppage time is nearly? (a) 46 km/h (b) 75 km/h (c) 8I km/h (d) 65 km/h Q22. What percentage of time of the entire trip was actually spent travelling between the cities? (a) 76% (b) 42.4% (c) 7.6% (d) 92% Q23. The total stoppage time at the cities in the first half and second half of the total distance is in the ratio Q24. Between how many pairs of consecutive stations does the train run below the overall average speed of the entire trip? (Non- MCo)