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Revision of Engineering Mathematics : LINEAR ALGEBRA - Part 2 (in Hindi)
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Simran Kapoor
* STAR EDUCATOR * I B.Tech l Civil Engineer l Teaching is my Passion l ex Content writer of Grade up l learn and Enjoy✌| BELIEVE👍 IN YOURSEL

Unacademy user
Hello Ji, Sorry to say.. here that, the synonym for "flawless" is "unimpaired".. please check... If i were wrong.. excuse me..
Hello. Listen to what I said again, I said that the synonym for 'flaw' is 'impaired' so the synonym to flawless naturally becomes 'unimpaired'
Manohaar D
2 years ago
Yes.. i got it.. thank you..

  2. HELLO! 255.7k 4.8 views 40 Simran Kapoor " I am Simran Kapoor #1 Educator in GATE (Civil) *STAR EDUCATOR IB.Tech I Civil Engineer l Teaching is my Passion I ex Content writer of Grade up I learn and EnjoyI BELIEVE IN YOURSEL 7.2k 23 62 Followers Following Courses Civil Engineer -J.N.G.E.C Sundernagar H.P VERIFIED EDUCATOR ON UNACADEMY Educator since May, 2018 Ex Content Writer of "Gradeup" . All courses (62) HINDI CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Last Minute Revision RCO Structures: GATE(Civil) 02:47:46 48 2k views1 day ago Simran Kapoor . 88 HINDI CRASH COURSE (Hindi) Last Minute Revision- Transportation Engineering: GATE - 05.26:35 4.9- 4.9k views 10 days ago 2

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