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Revision Class for whole Soil Chapter
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Please Watch the first all the 4 parts than go through this class

Chetan Gaurav
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PARAGON: Synonym- Epitome; Antonym- Flaw, Imperfection. CYNICAL: Syn- Skeptical, Scornful; Ant- Optimistic, Trusting. BOHEMIAN: Syn- Nonconformist, Iconoclast; Ant- Conformist, Conservative. QUIXOTIC: Syn- Idealistic, Unrealistic; Ant- Pragmatic, Sensible. BRAZEN: Syn- Defiant, Audacious; Ant- Modest, Timid, Humble. INGENIOUS: Syn- Innovative; Ant- Incompetent. METICULOUS: Syn- Accurate, Scrupulous; Ant- Unscrupulous, Negligent. VIRTUOSO: Syn- Adept, Genius; Ant- Ameteur, Rookie. SAUVE: Syn- Charming, Confident, Elegant; Ant- Unsophisticated, Rude.
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Aman Kumar Kanth
2 years ago
Thank you for this . Superb job.
Aman Kumar Kanth
2 years ago
Thank you for this . Superb job.
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  1. On the basis of genesis, colour, composttion and location, the sotls of India have been classified into: (1) Alluvial soils (i) Black soils (i1) Red and Yellow sotls (tv) Laterite soils (v) Arid sotls (vi) Saline soils (vil) Peaty soils vili) Forest soils.