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Reaction with HOCl, Polymerisation Reaction
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We discuss the various methods of polymerisation of an alkyne. A very important reaction of HOCl with Alkynes is discussed.

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Sachin Rana
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Bhaiya, Is it necessary that whenever we've -OH and double bond attached to same carbon, Tautomerisation will happen ? Please reply !
why not acid base rxn takes place of terminal alkyne with HOCI
@ 3:15 in the second step from where the Cl came and got attached to right terminal carbon.
What are the conditions under which the carbocation will undergo tautomerisation?
it depends which form is more stable.. if a electron donating group is present near carbonyl carbon, keto is more stable, or if h-bonding is present enol is better stabilised else both are in equlibrium.
In the last question , product formed is non aromatic which is highly unstable , then why does the reaction take place?
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