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Reaction with Carbonyl Groups
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We discuss the nucleophilic addition of the alkynes group on the carbonyl.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IVth Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber (143k subs) | Mentored 3 under 100 ranks in JEE Advanced | No. 1 educator for Organic Chemistry

Unacademy user
Thank you thank you thank you.... Thats all we can say... Thank you Roman above all for this amazing initiative
Bhaiya when you reacted the compound in first slide with H3O+ then why didnt you took out H+ at the last as it acts as a catalyst na!
what is the use of cu2cl2 in reaction mechanism
bhaiya can we get benzene if we use 3 mole acetylene
y doesn't the enol change to me to here
Bhai plzz tell me how can I remember all the preparation methods in p block chapters..Am able to understand all concepts..But unable to remember all reactions...Plzz help me bhai
Arnav Singh
2 years ago
It will be better to make a flowchart or somthing.. It is more beneficial in my case and also ITS A NIGHTMARE FOR ME ALSO. :)
  1. 9oll (A CH = C

  2. CH-CH

  3. (C A) I H

  4. 2( CH CH CH CH2 C-H H cH CH bub - 1-en- 3-yne