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Questions : 19, 20 & 21
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Kumar Ketan
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Sirr paper 2 commerce ki videos bhi upload kr do plzzz
sir 2nd wala hee ho paya bt 3no achw se smjh m ahgye

  1. unacademy 62.9k views 4.8 Kumar Ketan Follow me on the Unacademy #15 Educator in IIT JEE #6 years teaching experience #IIT JEE Physics #YouTuber 'magical education" (170k+ subs) #Unacademy educator (60k+ lifetin eviews) 3k 2 37 Followers Following Courses Get updates about new courses . Watch all my lessons . Download slides and watch offline Message Lists (1) Kumar Ketan HINDI IT JEE Physics by Kumar Ketan for IT JEE 52 saves Kumar Ketan

  2. In figure shown, left arm of a U-tube is immersed in a hot water bath at temperature T, and right arm is immersed in a bath of melting ice, the height of manometric liquid in respective columns is hr and ho Determine the coefficient of expansion of the liquid. Water at melting ice 0

  3. (b) r h,T 1 (c) h h hoT 0 0 h., T 0

  4. Since the liquid is in hydrostatic equilibrium, Pono hr Also, Vr = V0(1 +YI) 0 From (i) and (ii), we get hr = ho(1 +YT). which on solving for y, we get hoT

  5. A coil in the shape of an equilateral triangle of side l is suspended between the pole pieces of a permanent magnet, such that B is in plane of the coil. If due to a current I in the triangle,

  6. a torque acts on it, the side 1 of the triangle is 1/2 (BI) 2(-t (a) (b) 3 BI

  7. Area of equilateral triangle, I I sin 60 2 3 ,2 4 A-_ 2 x Base x Height = = 1/2 4.

  8. A body is moving up an inclined plane of angle with an initial kinetic energy K. The coefficient of friction between the plane and thef re t e ho.lThe work done against friction before the body comes to rest is (a) Kcos + sin (b) LK cos UK cos cos + sin cos cos -sin (d)

  9. Let the distance travelled by the body on tne inclined plane be h. From the free body diagram shown in figure R ng sin