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Kumar Ketan
#Specialisation in Electronics #6 years teaching experience #Physics Faculty in Kota #"magical education" (211k+ subs) #Writer

Unacademy user
please try to slow down your speed when you are giving explanations
sir Kya test Tak 150 questions ho payge
Kumar Ketan
7 months ago
I'll try
Aniket Patil
7 months ago
thank you so much sir
sir mechanics ke question nahie bante

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  2. A large insulating thick sheet of thickness 2d carries a uniform charge per unit volume . A particle of mass m, carrying a charge q having a sign opposite to that of the sheet is released from the surface of the sheet. The sheet does not offer any mechanical resistance to the motion of the particle. Find the oscillation frequency u of the particle inside the sheet.

  3. If we draw a cuboid Gaussian surface of lateral cross-section A and height h and width 2x where x distance from central line, then E will be pointing as shown (by symmetry). -2EA Zenclosed (Flux through lateral surface if E Electric field at distance x) enclosed [(1) (2x)(h)] 2EA enclosed 0 0 0 eo 0

  4. So, E- Front view eo 0 Force qE 0 2 0 om 0 2d