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Question No: 01-05 (In Hindi)
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This lesson contains brief explanation of Question no.-01 to 05 of RCC.

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Seraj Uddin
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I've got some other books and not going to any coaching institution. I'm a bit afraid of the exam. You've covered almost every DO in the lectures, would you please tell us what are the DO NOTs?
thanks for providing this content sir
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
Thanks dear, if you like the course please rate and Review the course.
of course sir 🙏🙏🙏
sir plz make video classes on other topics of design steel structure
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a year ago
Ok. Will be available very soon. Thanks
  1. 100 MOST REPEATED R. . . QUESTIONS ANALYSIS Detailed explanation the course By:- Seraj Uddin Rate and Review unacademy

  2. 01 R. . . was developed and first used by A) Joseph Monier B) John Smeaton C) Fronsis Coignet D) Joseph Aspdin

  3. 02. Modulus of elasticity of concrete,E is calculated using: A) E 5000Vfck B) E 500Vfck C) E 50Vfck D) E 5Vfck

  4. As pet . DE Shoot term, time da Creep enlent -tluing, ow'ck i cluds Propos concvet Condition cun Concre te proportion cement. qu> Hix ,Tgpa

  5. 03 Mild steel used in RCC structures conforms to A) IS 43:2 B) IS-1556 C) IS 1786 D) IS 2062

  6. 04 The stresses developed in concrete and steel in reinforced concrete beam 25 cm width and 70 cm effective depth are 62.5 kg/cm2 and 250 kg/ cm2 respectively. If m-15, the depth of its neutral axis is A) 20 cm B) 25.26 cm C) 35 cm D) 55.26 cm

  7. ^) Given

  8. 05. If the modular ratio is m,steel ratio is r and overall depth of a beam is d, the depth of the critical neutral axis of the beam is A) (m/m-r) d B) (m/m+r) d C) fm+r/m) d D) None of these

  9. iven Steel overall clopth a he know thal, CbC