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This lesson comprises of 10 Mock Questions on Assam History

Shrutidhara Dutta
B.A ( History) Hons , Lady Shri Ram College, Cleared UGC - CBSE NET in History, Interview Stage - Assam Civil Service Exam

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Mam, Battle of Bharali was fought in the year 1615 or 1533(as you mentioned in the question). I am getting confused.
Hi Shankhanil, The Battle of Bharali took place during the reign of Suhungnung ( 1497-1539).So the year of the Battle is 1533. It is not 1615.
thnq mam
Ma'am do make a course on Physical Geography specifically.. Thank you.
yes Pranab..I will post the Geography MCQ course this week.
Pranab Patowary
a year ago
Thank you ma'am..
  1. 50 MCQs on Assam History for APSC Prelims Presented by : Shrutidhara Dutta

  2. About Me . Shrutidhara Dutta B.A (History) Hons - Lady Shri Ram College . ( History) Hons-Faculty of Social Sciences, Delhi University. Cleared UGC-CBSE NET in Histor Interview stage-Assam Civil Service exam. Hobbies: reading books, singing , cooking Follow me on : . UPSC Aspirant. . Rate, Review and Recommend

  3. Question 1 The Moamoria rebellion started during the reign of which Ahom King? a) Gaurinatha Singha b) Lakshmi Singha c) Rajeshwar Singha d) Kamleshwar Singha

  4. Answer -b The Moamoria Rebellion started during the reign of Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha and ended during the reign of Swargadeo Kamaleshwar Singha. It continued for around 36 years from 1769 to 1805.

  5. Question 2 Who among the following was the first to hold the administrative post of Borbarua? a) Langi Panisia b) Momai Tamuli c) Atan Buragohain d) Laluksola Borphukan

  6. Answer - Momai Tamuli was the first to hold the administrative post of Borbarua This administrative post was created by Ahom king Susengpha or Pratap Singha

  7. Question 3 Which of the following Ahom King was known as " Nariya Raja"? a) Sujanpha b) Suphapha c) Sutyinpha d) Suhanpha

  8. Answer -C . Sutyinpha was usually known as the Nariya (sick) Raja due to his ailing health. He also suffered from the curvature of the spine. As a result, the nickname Kekora ( crab) was also sometimes applied to him.

  9. Question 4 The Shiva Doul at Sivasagar was constructed during the reign of a) Queen Phuleswari b) Queen Ambika c) Queen Sarbeswari d) Queen Enadori

  10. Answer -b The Shiva Doul at Sivasagar was constructed by Bar Raja Ambika, queen of Ahom King, Siva Singha. Under her Supervision, the Barpukhuri tank was dug On its bank, three temples were built around 1734 - Shiva Doul, Devi Doul and Vishnu Doul

  11. Question 5 owinpfcess urangenayanl was maried to which Ahom king? a) Rajeshwar Singha b) Gaurinath Singha c) Udayaditya Singha d) Chakradhwaj Singha

  12. Answer - a Rajeshwar Singha ( 1751-69) extended his support to the Manipur King in his fight against the Burmese. He sent Ahom forces led by Haranath Pukhan to help him. o In order to express his gratitude, the Manipur King got his daughter Kuranganayani married to Rajeshwar Singha

  13. Answer - b The Kamakhya temple was rebuilt was Koch king Naranarayan around 1565 Kamakhya temple is situated in Nilachal Hill

  14. Question 8 The first notable revolt against the British in 1828 was led by a) Piyali Barua b) Gomdhar Konwar c) Piyali Barphukan d) Maniram Dewan

  15. Answer -b Mula Gabharu was the wife of Phrasenmung Borgohain In order to take revenge of her husband's death, she actively fought with the army of Turbak in the Battle of Bharali in 1533 and sacrificed her life.

  16. Question 10 The first capital of the Ahoms was: a) Jorhat b) Sadiya c) Charaideo d) Garghgaon

  17. Answer -c . Charaideo was the first capital of the Ahom Kingdom. It was established by Sukaphaa It is famous for the maidams ( tombs) of Ahom kings and queens.