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(Q.11 to Q.20)
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This lesson comprises of 10 MCQs on Assam History

Shrutidhara Dutta
B.A ( History) Hons , Lady Shri Ram College, Cleared UGC - CBSE NET in History, Interview Stage - Assam Civil Service Exam

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Ma'am plz upload 4-5 lessons regularly from this unit... unless we couldn't reach out the goal.... and also this unit have so many topics to cover.... thank you
mam please check qtn no 6. as far I know it will be Chakradhwaj Singha during Saraighat battle. and lachit borphukan was senapati of Chakradhwaj singha
Mam, would you like to check Q No 2 again. As far as i know Pramatta Singha rebuilt Rang Ghar. Rang Ghar was originally built by Rudra Singha. (Ref-Assam year book)
yes Deepak..Rang Ghar was originally built by Rudra Singha with Bamboo and wood..But the present structure is the one which was rebuilt by Pramatta Singha. So he is given the credit of building the Rang Ghar
  1. 50 MCQs on Assam History for APSC Prelims Presented by : Shrutidhara Dutta

  2. About Me: . Shrutidhara Dutta B.A (History) Hons - Lady Shri Ram College . ( History) Hons-Faculty of Social Sciences, Delhi University. Cleared UGC-CBSE NET in Histor Interview stage - Assam Civil Service exam Hobbies: reading books, singing , cooking Follow me on : . UPSC Aspirant. . Rate, Review and Recommend

  3. Question 1 The office of Borphukan was created by which of the following Ahom rulers? a) Susengpha b) Surampha c) Suhungmung d) Sunyatpha

  4. Answer - a Susengpha was known as Burha Raja He was known as Buddha Swarga Narayan on account of his great wisdom He was also known as Pratap Singha because of the great deeds done during his reign He created the post of Bor Phukan or the Governor of Conquered provinces Langi Panisia was the first to hold this post

  5. Question 2 Which of the following Ahom Rulers constructed the Rang Ghar? a) Siva Singha b) Rudra Singha c) Pramatta Singha d) Gaurinatha Singha

  6. Answer - o Rang Ghar was constructed by Pramatta Singha. It served as the royal sports - pavilion where Ahom kings watched games like buffalo fights, particularly during the Rongali Bihu in the Ahom capital of Rangpur. o It is considered as one of the oldest surviving Ampitheatres in Asia.

  7. Question 3 The Dhodar Ali was constructed under the supervision of a) Gadadhar Singha b) Rudra Singha c) Lakshmi Singha d) Rajeshwar Singha

  8. Answer - a Dhodar Ali is a 212 km long road starting from Kamargaon in Golaghat to Joypur in Dibrugarh via Mariani , Jorhat This road was constructed under the supervision of Ahom King Gadadhar Singha Workers involved were mainly the lazy opium addicts

  9. Question 4 Which of the following Ahom Kings was known as " Lora Raja"? a) Sunyatpha b) Sulikpha c) Sutanphaa d) Supungmung

  10. Answer - b . Sulikpha ascended the throne at the age of 14 He was known as Lora Raja

  11. Question 5 The Battle of Itakhuli took place in the year a) 1680 b) 1681 c) 1682 d) 1683

  12. Answer - The Battle of Itakhuli was fought on 1682 during the reign of Gadadhar Singha During this battle, Guwahati was captured back from the Mughals This was the last war with the Mughals Both the sides accepted Manas as the boundary

  13. Answer -C The Battle of Saraighat was fought in 1671 A.D It was fought between the Mughals led by Ram Singh and the Ahoms led by Lachit Borphukan on Brahmaputra river at Saraighat It was fought in land and in water The Ahoms defeated the Mughals

  14. Question 8 Which of the following Ahom Kings was known as " Dihingia Raja" a) Suhungmung b) Sudangpha c) Sutupha d) Sukhangpha

  15. Answer - c Jaya Pala was the last ruler of the Pala dynasty of Kamarupa

  16. Question 10 . Which Ahom king crushed the rebellion of Baro- Bhuyans? a) Rudra Singha b) Udayaditya Singha c) Pratap Singha d) Pramatta Singha

  17. Answer - c . Ahom King Pratap Singha crushed the rebellion of Baro- Bhuyans