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This lesson contains 10 Mock Questions on Assam History

Shrutidhara Dutta
B.A ( History) Hons , Lady Shri Ram College, Cleared UGC - CBSE NET in History, Interview Stage - Assam Civil Service Exam

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Its really good
Sakshi Verma
a year ago
Thank u soo much
ma'am, What is the best book of ancient assam for apsc
1,mam who wrote the book kabita manjari 2,zill-i-illahi title was assumed by balban did akabar also assumed the same title, i found as akabar also zill i ellahi in k.l khurans medieval india. its confusing thank you so much
Zill i Ilahi means shadow of God on Earth.Abul Fazl used this title for Akbar in order to legitimise his position as a ruler. But the title for which Akbar is famous is Farr- i- izadi or the Divine light.According to this,Kingship was considered as a divine gift. Both these titles were used to place Akbar in an unchallengeable position. I am not sure about Kabita Manjari.I will check the author for you. However, I do know a book called Kitavat Manjari,a 16th century book on arithmetic by Bokul Kayastha
Jugabrat kalita
a year ago
than lilavabti and ktavat manjari are the two books on arithmetic by bokul kayastha.. isnt it?? is he contemporary of naranarayan??
yes..Bokul Kayastha was patronised by Koch King Naranarayana
question no 8 the post of burhagohain and borgihain was created by syukapha ,, i am confused..can you plz recheck and lle me know the same.
Yes, Sukapha created both the posts
Maam plz make mcq on modern history of assam too
okay sure..
Manash Sharma
a year ago
It was only audio.Please try to present in audio-visual format.
  1. 50 MCQs on Assam History for APSC Prelims Presented by : Shrutidhara Dutta

  2. About Me . Shrutidhara Dutta B.A (History) Hons - Lady Shri Ram College . ( History) Hons-Faculty of Social Sciences, Delhi University. Cleared UGC-CBSE NET in Histor Interview stage-Assam Civil Service exam. Hobbies: reading books, singing , cooking Follow me on : . UPSC Aspirant. . Rate, Review and Recommend

  3. Question 1 Which of the following rulers of Varman Dynasty organised a swayamvara for his daughter? a) Mahendravarman b) Kalyanavarman c) Bhutivarman d) Balavarman

  4. Answer - d e King Balavarman (405-420 AD) of Varman Dynasty organised a swayamvara for his daughter Amritprabha It was attended by princes of different countries. The princess, Amritprabha, ultimately chose, Meghavahana, the prince of Kashmir, as her Groom

  5. Question 2 Which of the following ruler of the Varman Dynasty performed two Ashvamedha sacrifices? a) Mahendravarman b) Bhakaravarmar c) Ganapativarman d) Sthitavarman

  6. Answer - a Initially, the rulers of Varman dynasty were the vassals of Gupta Empire. But as the power of Imperial Guptas started declining, Mahendravarman ( 450-485 A.D)took advantage of the situation. He was the first King of Kamarupa who waged a successful war against Gupta army. He also performed 2 Ashvamedha sacrifices.

  7. Question 3 Which king of Kamarupa was a contemporary of Samudragupta? a) Balavarman b) Samudravarman c) Pushyavarman d) Bhaskaravarman

  8. Answer -C . The first king who ruled over Kamarupa was Pushyavarman ( 350-380 AD). He was a contemporary of Samudragupta. He took on the title of Maharajdhiraja.

  9. Question 4 Huien Tsang visited Kamarupa during whose reign? a) Sthitavarman b) Susthitavarman c) Bhaskaravarman d) Avantivarman

  10. Answer -C The Varman dynasty reached its apex during the reign of King Bhaskaravarman (594- 650 A.D). It was during his reign that Huien Tsang visited Kamarupa. He gives an account of his visit to Kamarupa in his book " Si - Yu Ki".

  11. Question 5 Who was the founder of Pala Dynasty of Kamarupa? a) Gopala b) Brahmapala c) Mahipala d) Narayanapala

  12. Answer - b e Like the Pala dynasty of Bengal, the first ruler of this dynasty was elected But unlike the Palas of Bengal, who were Buddhists, the Palas of Kamarupa were Hindus. Capital - Durjaya Gopala - founder of Pala dynasty of Bengal

  13. Answer - b King Naranarayan of the Koch Kingdom was the first one to give royal patronage to Srimanta Sankardeva's Ekasarana Dharma. This form of Bhakti taught by Sankardeva rejected the complex vedic rituals and sacrifices and laid emphasis on just uttering the name of God

  14. Question 8 Which of the following rulers started the offices of Buragohain and Borgohain? a) Sukhapha b) Sutupha c) Sudangpha d) Suhungmuhung

  15. Answer - b . After the subjugation of the Chutiyas of Sadiya in 1223 A.D, Suhungmuhung created a new office called Sadiya Khowa Gohain to administer the Sadiya region. About 300 Ahom families were shifted from Garhgaon to Sadiya for settlement.

  16. Question 10 Which of the following Ahom Kings was known as" Burha Raja"? a) Surampha b) Sutyinpha c) Susengpha d) Sutamala

  17. Answer - o .Susengpha ruled from 1603- 1641 . He was known as "Burha Raja" as he ascended the throne at an advanced age.