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(Q.1 to Q.10)
1,mam who wrote the book kabita manjari 2,zill-i-illahi title was assumed by balban did akabar also assumed the same title, i found as akabar also zill i ellahi in k.l khurans medieval india. its confusing thank you so much
Zill i Ilahi means shadow of God on Earth.Abul Fazl used this title for Akbar in order to legitimise his position as a ruler. But the title for which Akbar is famous is Farr- i- izadi or the Divine light.According to this,Kingship was considered as a divine gift. Both these titles were used to place Akbar in an unchallengeable position. I am not sure about Kabita Manjari.I will check the author for you. However, I do know a book called Kitavat Manjari,a 16th century book on arithmetic by Bokul Kayastha
Jugabrat kalita
a year ago
than lilavabti and ktavat manjari are the two books on arithmetic by bokul kayastha.. isnt it?? is he contemporary of naranarayan??
yes..Bokul Kayastha was patronised by Koch King Naranarayana