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Q- 21-27 on Chemical thermodynamics for NEET/AIIMS (in Hindi)
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More peculiar practice questions on chemical thermodynamics for pre-medical exams.

Tamanna Chaudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

Unacademy user
I'm totally depend on your lessons. please upload rest of this book
mam 22 ques. ka answer ni ara hai 481k usme KJ ko convert krna hai na joule mein phir b ni ara plzz help 🙁😌
95400 ko 198.3 se divide karoge to 481K hi aaega. Simple division.
okk yah i tried again nd i got solution tnkuu🤗
20 question wala galat ans hai -52kJ to -50KJ se chota hota hai na to -52kJ answer hona chaiye
No Abhishek. I'll tell you how. We define calorific value in the terms of "energy released" when a fixed amount of substance is burnt. The minus sign you're talking about is only signifying the release in energy. -52 kJ means 52 kJ of energy has been released -50kJ means 50 kJ of energy has been released. As the energy released will be less for -50kJ, it will have the less calorific value.
Next time you have a doubt, be patient and ask before implying that it is wrong. I'm here to correct you:)
Abhishek gautam
a year ago
thank you mam and I did not mean to refuting you, I just asked you in the wrong way, I feel sorry for that
Abhishek gautam
a year ago
thank you mam and I did not mean to refuting you, I just asked you in the wrong way, I feel sorry for that
I totally understand that, don't worry. I'm here to help you, whatsoever:)
mam spontaneous irreversible process mai system or surrounding ki total entropy increase hotii h Kaise ??
It is the third law of thermodynamics Surbhi, the reaction can be spontaneous only when delta S is positive, or Entropy of products- entropy of reactnants is positive or Sp>Sr So if the reacsion is proceeding in the forward direction (which is irreversible) and spontaneously, it means that it has the tendency to proceed only in that direction as by doing that the entropy is increasing.
27 nai jacha mujhe
When the egg is boiled it seems like the entropy is decreases as liquid changes into solid. But that is not true. It is because, when we boil the egg, the various bonds in the protein structure that make the yolk breaks. As the bonds are breaking, the randomness is increasing. That's the reason the entropy if egg increases when the egg is boiled. Also, the facts don't have to suit you to be true. You have to learn them as they are!
Manu Antil
2 years ago
acha ye aise hi ratne padenge koi proper logic nai hai