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Previous year questions of NEET on Thermodynamics- Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Previously asked questions of NEET on Chemical thermodynamics.

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Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎

Unacademy user
45 no me HM kaise janege ki ye equilibrium me h ?
The reaction is not in equilibrium, we are just going to find the temperate for which it is at equilibrium by putting deltaG=0 so that we can find that for what temperature the reaction is going to be spontaneous (that is delta G is going to be negative)
Priya Modi
a year ago
ohk ... thank uh mam
ye 45 me 1000 Kelvin kaise aya 100 ana chahiye
We use kilo prefix for 1000,not for 100.
Manu Antil
2 years ago
solve karne ke bad me 100 ana chahiye
Manu,carefully look at the value of Delta H and Delta S which is given in the question. Its very simple and basic division.
Manu Antil
2 years ago
Tamanna, 41 me thodi help.kijiye .
delta G = delta H- T delta S For a spontaneous reaction, delta G should be negative. Humse question mein pucha hua hai ki kin conditions mein reaction spontaneous hoga irrespective of the Temperature. It is true for both options b and d, because ek mein deltaS zero hai to T.deltaS bhi 0 ho jaega so delta G is going to be equal to delta H which is given negative in the same option. Dusre option mein delta S positive and delta H negative hai. it is this case ( -x-y) which is always going to be negative, so gibb's energy is going to be negative.
Manu Antil
2 years ago
thanks Tamanna now I understand.☺☺