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Q- 1-7 on Chemical thermodynamics for NEET/AIIMS (in Hindi)
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Clear your doubts on the sign conventions related to internal energy and know a peculiar conversion to calculate workdone.

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Tamanna Chaudhary
नमस्ते 🙏 The Newton's apple. 🍎 Subscribe to my Telegram channel- @physics_tcarmy for instant updates.

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thanks ,,,I follow you.
Mam I have a question What will be the work done when 1 mol of a gas expands isothermally from 15 to 50 L against a constant pressure of 1 atm at 25degree Celsius? I know the way but my answer is still coming wrong Please help mam
Devesh YADAV
4 months ago
i can solve this
thank u...but how to remember...i forget things😟
mam u are amazing and unique I have never seen such a talented person like u hattsoff to u
u r best chemistry faculty

  2. l What is the intemal change if a sustem gives out ao of heat and also does 60 J of"work (a) 80J (c) 60J Surrour ng lasam Surrounding work done by Work done on -80 J

  3. Surrounding can ex (a) Heat Cb) Heat and Matter (c) Matter d) Neither heat nor matter Openi Closed - Isolated uwhich of the following can be used to define the state of a System (a) Pressure (b) Volume ce) no of moles Ge Aof these Stale variables State funeions

  4. 4. What is the amount bwork done hen one mole of:an deal gas ob in a bulb of aL capady a: I ahm 1s dloa to expandtrom IL to SL against a pressungo l atm Ca) 405.2 J (s) 101.3 5. Choose the conmedt statement by he systern is taken as negative Cb h expansion, work is done by the systen (d) Al of these

  5. 6 When a gas undergoes adiabake expansion, igets cooled because (b) u decreases of the system , Ideal gas becomes rual gas Treuork done in open vessel at 300 k,when S6 g ire reacts with dilube ACL Is- (a) 600 ca! Cb) 1S0 ca Ca) 300 ca! Cd) loo C 56