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Pushyabhuti/Vardhana Dynasty: Part-1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson includes some basic information about pushyabhuti dynasty and give some facts about Harshavardhana Kingdom and its acts

Balwinder Singh
I am in teaching formally since 2011, Prepared students for competitive examinations. I also gave UPSC (CS-mains) in 2011 and in 2013.

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Is there any source of the information that Hui en Tsang was the emperor of China ?
Balwinder Singh
a year ago
lucent for gs...
  1. HANAS RSHAVARD EMPIRE Pushyabhuti dynasty (part-1) By: Balwinder Singh (M.A. Economics)

  2. Post Gupta period Vardhana dynasty pushyabhuti or vardhana dynasty was founded at Thaneshwar in kurukshetra district of haryana Pushyabhuti were exist in the beginning of 6 century AD. They were the feudatories of Gupta but they got independent after the invasions made by Hun. > Very first important ruler of this dynasty was Prabhakarvardhan 580 to 605 AD

  3. Succession in Pushyabhuti dynasty prabhakarvardhan was succeeded by his son Rajyavardhana who ruled from 605 to 606 a.d. Rajyavardhana had faced many problems from the very first day of his succession Grahavarman the Mukhari ruler of Kannauj- The husband of Rajeshwari who was the sister of rajyavardhan was murdered by the Deva Gupta the ruler of Malwa.

  4. Succession in Pushyabhuti dynasty Deva Gupta captured Rajashree and occupied Kannauj Rajyavardhan had to initiated a complain against Deva Gupta and killed him Rajyavardhan was killed is 606 AD by Shashank in this campaign but Rajeshwari was successful escaped into the forest of Central India After the Killing of Rajyavardhan his younger brother Harshvardhana' popularly known as 'Siladitya' Ascend The Throne over pushyabhuti in 606 AD

  5. Harshavardhana 606 to 647 AD Harshvardhan After ascending the Throne of pushyabhuti 606 edu initiated the initiated the Harsha era His first an important act after being in rule is rescue his widowed sister Rajeshwari from the forest of Central India Harshvardhan also defeat Shashank and occupied his territory Kannauj he not only unified Kannauj with thaneshwar but also make Kannauj his new capital Harshvardhan was the most powerful king in the Northern region of India

  6. Harshavardhana 606 to 647 AD After occupying Kannauj he proceeded to word the East to fight against the Shashank for taking the Revenge of the death of his brother rajyavardhan and brother in law Grahavarman he killed Shashanka in 637 8 and conquered Magadh and Shashanka's Empire Harshvardhan also defeated Dhruvsena 2nd the ruler of vallabhi in order to secure the Western boundaries After this he reinstated him and gave his daughter to him in marriage Dhruv Sinha accepted the position of feudatory vassal and it became the important diplomatic achievement of Harsha.

  7. Harshavardhana 606 to 647 AD Harshvardhan face a single defeat in his life on the bank of Narmada in a war with pulakeshin Il the records of chalukyas define Harshvardhan as the lord of whole Northern part of the country He had good diplomatic relations with China in 641 a d and the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited India during his period Hiuen Tsang was the emperor of China he was mentioned in two events of Harsha region assemblies at Kannauj and Prayaga

  8. Harshavardhana 606 to 647 AD Harshvardhan has a great faith in Lord Shiva and equal respect of other Assets of society Hiuen Tsang define that Nalanda University which was made for Buddhist monk was maintained by Harshvardhan through the revenues and from 100 villages of his Empire Harshvardhan died in 647 a d and did not have any legal higher of his Throne so as after his death his Minister Arunashva had controlled over his Empire

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