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Pronouns Practice : lesson 4 (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers some really important logics of pronouns hence polishing your grammatical skills......

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
sir it's a silly questn what i am asking but sir very eager to know... sir aapka aiims me AIR 165 tha.... Usme Delhi toh nhi pr sir other aiims mil skte the aapne wo kyu nhi liye .. i know safdarjung is one of the top college but sir i m asking as ab ye mere sth b hoga counselling tym me isliye sir i m asking sry to ask sir ... sir your rank is awesome.. sir mehnat kr rhi hu pr sir khi na khi ek corner me dar b h thoda kya hoga nhi hua toh but me usko sochte hi bhaga deti hu ki sb ho jyega bs apna 100 prcnt deti rah.. sir plz ek br jrur btna thoda sa dec end hne wala h within 2 days.. sir aapne allen wgrh k test k alawa khud ka test b lete the aap khud roj previous year ka paper krte the aisa me roj kru ek din me 3 hr nhi de pau toh nd me subject wise kru toh chlega kya sir tym manage krna h sir... uske liye plz guide little that me 1 jan se regular ise follow kru thanku sir... plz ye btana.. mujhe b achchi rank lani h apki jese.. thank u so much sir..Nd sir aap aakash se the kya... mene aapka name khi dekha tha ye yd nhi h kha dekha tha me allen se thi sir aakash smne hi tha shyd waha dekha tha mene aapka name but not sure...
Nakul Bansal
7 months ago
Abhi subject wise.
Nakul Bansal
7 months ago
Regarding choosing aiims or safdarjung, we will talk after it once counseling is done and refer Hiw to Succeed and Plan course
Masoom soni
7 months ago
thank u sir....ohkk subject wise krungi abhi...
  1. PRACTICE SESSION ON PRONOUNS A session covering high level questions of pronouns based on spotting the errors Presented by : SIDHANT SHARMA


  3. The five brothers/are at daggers- drawn,/ so they feel It below their dignity/ to talk to each other. / No Error

  4. One should/be true to his /word in all/circumstances./ No Error

  5. One should be followed by one or one's One should respect one's parents. Everyone should respect his parents.

  6. If someone has/finished the work,/he may/go home./ No Error

  7. 'The criminal/which was chained/grumbled at thePolice Inspector/who was taking him to jail./ No Error

  8. Everybody who was working in that office gave/ A day's pay as their contributions/to the dependants of Dr. john who had died on duty./No Error

  9. The officer/as well as the assistants/absented Themselves/from the office./No Error

  10. As a student/of science/you are far better/than him./ No Error

  11. He introduced/to the chairman as/the General Secretary Of that party./No Error.

  12. The players/ whom we have selected/for our team/ Are young and ambitious./No Error

  13. There is none/who can help you/in this crucial moment/ Of your career./ No Error

  14. This is the same/dog which barked/at him but Fortunately did not/bite him./ No Error.

  15. Whomever/comes late will not be allowed/ to mark His presence/ in the register./ No Error

  16. such a/self sacrificing man/as has come/ wins our Sympathy and admiration. / No Error

  17. Any of the two/pictures which depict/the real pictures Of the present/ politicians IS worthseeing./ No Error

  18. Every of the five children/standing in the corner/ Of the room is dexterous in painting./ No Error

  19. They who are in this room/ should not move from The place /where they are standing, said the/ Leader of the criminals./No Error

  20. They and them cannot be made the antecedent of relative pronoun. I like those who play well (not them) Those who sing will must be awarded (not they)

  21. They also help poor/who really sympathise/ With them in the moments/of distress./No Error

  22. The hotels/of Patna are more/luxurious than/ Muzaffarpur./No Error.

  23. The articles/ published in this magazine / are better than/ That magazine./ No Error.

  24. 'He is one of those who would much rather/sacrifice His life than turn/disloyal to the country./ No Error

  25. The principal ordered/the peon to/let the boys/ And I go in./No Error

  26. Being a destitute I admitted him to an orphanage. Being the eldest son I had to fulfil all the resposibilities. 'Being a rainy day I could not go to office.

  27. Your are/the same/problems as/mine. / No Error

  28. 'Under no circumstances/haveI harmed/him, and he/ Knows. / No Error.

  29. The beggar/whom we had suspected/to be guilty Turned out / to be innocent./ No Error.

  30. I ordered/some books on English Grammar/ But neither/has arrived yet./ No Error.

  31. You have never/spoken a word against/your master,/ That is a proof of your loyalty./No Error.