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Pronouns Practice : lesson 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives you a thorough course overview and the session will then focus on practice session...

Sidhant Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sidhant Sharma
Cleared SSC, AFCAT, UPSC CDS .... teaching English since 2015.....teacher by passion....

Unacademy user
it really helped :) Is there any scope of downloading these awesome videos?will be a great fovor
Harshita Jain
3 years ago
Very soon, the downloading feature would be introduced. Keep learning! ^_^
Mohd Sameer
2 years ago
God bless you sir....aaj aapki wjha se exam mein confidence se English attempt ki...thanku sir
Sidhant Sharma
10 months ago
Thanks preetpal......... hope to see you successful
Thanku so much sir
Thanku so much sir...topic wise grammar krne se bht help milegi rule revise krne se...or aapke month base grammar course se exam mein bht help mili sir
  1. PRACTICE SESSION ON PRONOUNS A session covering high level questions of pronouns based on spotting the errors Presented by : SIDHANT SHARMA


  3. The Board of Directors/want all possible facilities/ And allowances for /itself./ No Error

  4. The team has shown its ability. The team members are fighting among themselves

  5. You and i/have done/ my best in/ the examination./ No Error

  6. His efforts/will bring him./more success/than your./ No Error

  7. This is your book. This book is yours This is my car. This car is mine.

  8. Every teacher and/ every student of this college/ Is determined to do their best for/the glorious prospects Of the college./ No Error

  9. The Vice-President of India and / the Vice-Chancellor Of this universityl have given/his consent to join the Meeting./ No Error

  10. She hates everybody/and everything who/reminds her/ Of her mistakes./ No Error

  11. 'None/ of these two Principals/ has been looking/ After his college well./ No Error.

  12. 'For two persons either of, neither of More than two anyone of, none of

  13. He prostrated before/ his master/ who had returned from/ London after a year./ No Error

  14. 'He was much/more surprised than me / to see the Dancing girl / Coming towards us./ No Error

  15. One should/be true to his /word in all/circumstances./ No Error

  16. One should be followed by one or one's One should respect one's parents. Everyone should respect his parents.

  17. If someone has/finished the work,/he may/go home./ No Error

  18. 'The criminal/which was chained/grumbled at thePolice Inspector/who was taking him to jail./ No Error

  19. As a student/of science/you are far better/than him./ No Error

  20. The players/ whom we have selected/for our team/ Are young and ambitious./No Error

  21. All, none, nothing, only, superlative degree, the same when used as relative pronouns are always followed by THAT

  22. This is the same/dog which barked/at him but Fortunately did not/bite him./ No Error.

  23. Whomever/comes late will not be allowed/ to mark His presence/ in the register./ No Error

  24. such a/self sacrificing man/as has come/ wins our Sympathy and admiration. / No Error

  25. Every of the five children/standing in the corner/ Of the room is dexterous in painting./ No Error

  26. They who are in this room/ should not move from The place /where they are standing, said the/ Leader of the criminals./No Error

  27. They and them cannot be made the antecedent of relative pronoun. I like those who play well (not them) Those who sing will must be awarded (not they)

  28. They also help poor/who really sympathise/ With them in the moments/of distress./No Error

  29. The principal ordered/the peon to/let the boys/ And I go in./No Error

  30. Being a destitute I admitted him to an orphanage. Being the eldest son I had to fulfil all the resposibilities. 'Being a rainy day I could not go to office.

  31. 'He lent me some/money on the condition/ That I should return the same/before November./ No Error.

  32. 'Under no circumstances/haveI harmed/him, and he/ Knows. / No Error.

  33. I ordered/some books on English Grammar/ But neither/has arrived yet./ No Error.

  34. 'He Sent/all the furniture to Patna that /he had bought/ In Chennai./ No Error.

  35. He claims to have/ read shakespear's all great tragedie/ Who is the greatest/playwright of English./ No Error.

  36. You have never/spoken a word against/your master,/ That is a proof of your loyalty./No Error.