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Profit and loss Type 6-1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson discuss the type 6 of profit and loss with their short tricks for Railway and SSC CGL exam.

Vishal Garg
Mechanical Engineer | Unacademy Plus Educator | Railway Category Expert | Follow me to learn Reasoning |

Unacademy user
Tushar bhaya....Plx Suggest me a book of Organic Chem....For NEET..I have GRB But It's too vast
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
Even I studied from GRB. Yes it's vast but you need to know what topics you should focus from that topic. and what from NCERT. Like purification of Organic Compounds. In exam it comes of level equal to ncert. so, no need to go for GRB for that part. but carbocations, carbene(whose qn came in NEET'18)... such topics are not well explained or not explained in detail in ncert. so, you need to use GRB for that. so, just be selective while studying. Focus NCERT as well as GRB. You should read NCERT completely but should also study highly important topics like Carbocation, carbene, nitrene, benzyne, carbanion, rearrangements and rxn mechanisms from GRB as well. that would help a lot.
Ashutosh Rath
a year ago
Thanks Brother......And Really Nm Sir and RRD , PS sir are too good.......
sir, where is type 7 of this series?
Vishal Garg
8 months ago
after 24th may I upload more types related video in this course..
Vishal Garg
8 months ago
for notification enroll the course and join my telegram group.. Vishal Garg Unacademy
Mir MB
8 months ago
where to enroll!