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Profit and loss Type 1-2 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson discuss the Profit and loss type 1.

Vishal Garg
Mechanical Engineer | Unacademy Plus Educator | Railway Category Expert | Follow me to learn Reasoning |

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Sir really great helpful, Kindly help me how can I download all your classes..
Sir in order to make in ratios we make one side term to 100 and then solve
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  5. erson s 10% loss buf on 2nd Abide he got 16-66% doss 6nHes? Firull he will overe! gd 30 ./oss. Then find tte CP Hterente CP SO CP SP lo /o 20 /2? -16-65% ,-I 6 X3 7 21 1 8 Ysp SP 36

  6. No loss nd CP PIL lo SP

  7. pe 2 o sa 2 pr No loss lD Total P/L 2 SP 18 52

  8. OSS loss 2 Ltna ST -107 20% 60

  9. Son ald 2 th his Ardicle at 10% loss 1py. 2S 2. 3 tio% 130 7o

  10. gat 40% SP -2 % yox 12 Sunit 20 SR 600 T