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Profit and loss Type 3-2 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson discuss the Type 3 questions of profit and loss with their short tricks for Railway and SSC CGL exam.

Vishal Garg
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Unacademy user
First of all, I wud like to thank and give respect to your kind efforts for the aspirants. Then I wud like to make some suggestions like also include mcqs related to the respective chapters. Some modifications I wud like to make in the vedio according to ncert *Sol in Roman mythology is sungod *light from sun takes 8 min to reach earth *planets revolve around sun in an elongated orbits *iau-international astronomical Union *earth is 3rd nearest and 5th largest planet *2\3rd of earth is covered with water not 4\5th *Neil Armstrong step on moon first on 21 July 1969
Kirti Sinha
3 years ago
There are few doubts *which one of the planets has the smallest number of satellites Earth Mars Neptune Saturn *shortest duration of the day is on Neptune Pluto Saturn Uranus *which is correct -comets are the most unpredictable bodies -they are frozen gases -they follow elongated orbits -they r visible only after they have moved within the orbit of Saturn
Google bhi kr skte hai 😂